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15 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You're Working Full Time This Summer


Remember dancing to Lana Del Ray’s “Summertime Sadness” remix in the basement of some college party? If you’re a post grad with a new job or an undergrad with a full-time summer gig, the famous hit is probably your new personal anthem right about now. Here are 15 things you’ll recognize all too well if you’re working hard during these hot summer months.

1. You can’t stay out too late with your friends on weeknights because you have to be at work early the next day

You have more willpower when resisting a third slice of pizza than when leaving a fun club just as the party’s getting started.

2. And if you do actually go out, you’re so tired from work that you just fantasize about being in bed

Cue the point where you start sexy-eyeing strangers to bring back home…to sleep with…as in, literally sleep with.

3. Or you tend to make plans to go out after work but get so tired that you end up staying in instead

But whatever, wine and Chinese food for dinner is way cheaper than tequila shots and diner pancakes at 3:00 a.m. anyway.

4. Instead of wearing crop tops and swimsuits, you’re stuck wearing business casual outfits

Or if you have a super corporate job…actual suits. The horror.

5. You feel tons of pressure to do fun things on the weekends and also to relax enough to prepare for the week ahead

How do you squeeze in naptime, a Six Flags trip, a random Tinder date, a BFF brunch and binge Netflix in only 48 hours?

6. And as much as you want that “summer bod,” you rely on snacking to get you through the grueling 9-to-5

If only you could add “eating when bored” to your résumé.

7. You spend more money commuting to work than you do on anything, well, fun

The majority of your paycheck either goes to loans, bills, gas, train passes, bus rides or tissues to cry into on the way home.

8. Which is why it physically hurts to scroll through Instagram and see all the fun places people are going

Meanwhile, you travel to the same bathroom, cafeteria and lunch spot on any given day.

9. You try not to get jealous of all the snaps you see of your friends at midday happy hours

You feel your soul being ripped from your body in pointless midday meetings.

10. You find yourself gazing out of windows a lot, wishing you could be in the sunshine instead of the AC

The fact that you’d sacrifice frizz-free hair for a chance to smell fresh air is a cry for help.

11. And seriously, you question whether getting tan is even possible at this point

You look more like Casper the Friendly Ghost than an actual human.

12. Nothing hurts you more than having to be stuck inside on a beautiful day when you could be at the beach

Here’s to swapping tanning oil and salt water for endless emails and stress sweating.

13. And the routine of all work and no play makes you want to just quit and, honestly, live

You’re supposed to be young, wild and free! Not young, financially distressed and boring!

14. Money and the drive to succeed in your career are the only things keeping you motivated

Along with indulging in ice cream, online shopping and Riverdale episodes any chance you get.

15. Not the mention the fact that, after all this hard work, you’re totally going to treat yourself to an epic vacation

You deserve it.

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