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21 Things You Take for Granted in College


It's important to live in the moment, but when you're in college, it's easy to forget how special these four years really are. Here are 21 things we take for granted during our college years because we sometimes forget the best years of our lives won't last forever.

1. Being surrounded 24/7 by people almost exclusively within your age group 

Everyone is just so young and beautiful.

2. Living with your best friends

3. Being able to sleep in late whenever you get the chance 

What is waking up before noon on a weekday?

4. But also pulling all-nighters whenever you need or want to

5. Having somewhere fun to party every single weekend

6. The freedom of being independent but without all of the adult responsibilities

Paying bills sounds way too complicated.

7. Napping all the time

8. Being in the student section for football games

9. Starting to drink on Wednesday…or Tuesday…or Monday

10. Wearing sweatpants and comfy clothes because that's a perfectly acceptable daily wardrobe

11. A constantly thriving dating and hookup scene

12. Attending activities on campus for free or reduced prices

13. Everyone's down to make new friends and meet new people

14. Living on a beautiful campus that you get to call home

15. Eating whatever you want whenever you want because the food options are just SO good

16. Being a part of special clubs, sports or organizations that won’t exist for you after you graduate

17. Building your own schedule just the way you like it

18. Being able to take classes to learn about new topics you’re genuinely interested in

19. Having time to experiment and decide what you really want to do with your adult life before it fully starts

Time is on your side…for now.

20. Having every day be new and exciting with endless possibilities

21. Basically you take everything for granted

Because four years seems like so long, but it'll go by way too fast.

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