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9 Celebs You Should Be Looking to for Fashion Inspo (But Aren't Already)


Thanks to social media, everyday people can suddenly be thrust into the limelight faster than ever before for all sorts of reasons. Activists, musical cover artists, makeup gurus and models all join the ranks of Hollywood’s acting elite and record label royalty. Aside from their career and artistic achievements (which of course we should celebrate), some young female celebrities are quietly creating unique and distinct styles that deserve to be noted. Check out some celebrities you should look to for inspiration the next time you find yourself hopelessly staring at your closet. 

1. Rowan Blanchard

Known for her role on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World (as Cory and Topanga’s daughter!), this 15-year-old actress-turned-advocate has given speeches at the United Nations and the Women’s March, as well as been a vocal educator on intersectionality in feminism.

All the while, she has come into her own as a style icon as well. A unique mix of vintage and futuristic, her red carpet looks are especially fashion forward. Draw inspiration from her if you can’t figure out the balance between quirky and cute.

2. Shay Mitchell


Looking back at pics from Morocco and I'm falling in love all over again with Fez and specifically @palaisamani

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While we know and love Shay for her work on Pretty Little Liars, she’s even cooler off camera. From her fitness routine to her optimistic attitude to her travel adventures, she is definitely all around goals. On top of all of that, Shay also has killer fashion sense.

“She’s great for inspiration especially for the summer season and festival style,” says Madison Valine, a rising sophomore at Baylor University. “Throughout her travels she has collected different worldwide styles.”

To add an exotic flair to your everyday style, look to Shay’s bold color choices. She also knows how to slay an indie romper look or throw together a jean shorts outfit that is simple yet fashion forward.

3. Yara Shahidi

For clean-cut style with a bold detail, accessory or color thrown in every now and then, look to actress and activist Yara Shahidi. She knows how to rock the basics, like a white tee, but can also make graphic tees and sequins work together for a stand-out look.

“I like Yara Shahidi because she does a lot with interesting color and shape combinations and has a really fun sense of style,” says Addie Donaher, a rising sophomore at Notre Dame. “Also, she is a Harvard-bound activist.”

Not to mention, her collar game is on point.

4. Emma Stone

One of Hollywood’s resident funny girls, Emma Stone can not only deliver an Oscar-worthy performance, but also pull off playful fashion choices. Much like her personality, her clothes are never boring.

“I also love Emma Stone's style,” says Meg Thompson, a rising sophomore at the University of Kansas. “She goes for sweet and elegant, yet fashion-forward and unique.”

Emma isn’t afraid to experiment with different silhouettes and lengths, and is a great inspiration source for someone looking to mix sweetly feminine with bold menswear lines or keep things classic and fashionable with fun details like color or sparkle.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Another Oscar-winning girl-next-door, J-Law uses her fashion choices to channel her inner ultra laid back gal. She keeps things cool and modern while looking like a vintage Hollywood starlet on the red carpet, but her street style of simple white tops and denim screams “cool girl who lives down the hall that you want to befriend.”

“I love Jennifer Lawrence’s casual style,” says Hayley Burgess. “My style is a mix of Madewell and Urban Outfitters without being obnoxiously hipster, so I like how Jennifer balances trends with classic pieces.”

She can rock a bold blazer or a pin-up style two-piece set, so check out Jennifer Lawrence for fresh ways to wear pieces you already own.

6. Chrissy Teigen

Her Twitter clapback game is always on point, not to mention her wildly successful cookbook and the fact that she and John Legend have the relationship most of of us can only dream of. But to top it off, her red carpet looks and everyday outfits are always fashion forward but wearable.

“Chrissy Teigen's confident personality mixed with her casual fashion sense makes me look to her as a fashion inspiration as well as a personal inspiration,” says Kat Mediavilla, a rising sophomore at Kansas State University.

In particular, look to Chrissy’s fashion choices for menswear inspired looks. She can make a blazer or collared button down look sexy yet sophisticated, and her shoe game is flawless (seriously is she always in heels?)

7. Ashley Nell Tipton

Although she won Project Runway season 14, Ashley Nell Tipton’s personal style is vastly underrated. The fashion designer is transforming the clothing game for plus sized women all while embracing her own sense of self. Along with her fun, flirty and affordable pieces, we can also try to rock her confidence.

“She knows how to make clothes that complement the body of a person no matter their body type,” says Catherine Markley, a rising sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. “She specializes in creating clothes for plus size women and her work is inspiring."

Ashley takes closet staples like striped tees and sundresses and adds her own style by layering or accessorizing. She especially knows how to rock a traditional leather jacket in an unconventional way or add fun florals to any outfit.

8. Skai Jackson


Although she’s only fifteen years old, this Disney Channel star is already supported by iconic brands like Marc Jacobs, Alice and Olivia, and stylist Apuje Kalu. She uses fashion as an artform to express herself and make bold choices.

Skai know how to work with denim, and can even rock a full denim on denim outfit. If you’re stuck on how to wear that jean jacket this summer, look no further than her recent photoshoot with 360 Magazine. Check out her red carpet style for gorgeous dresses with intricate details, but if you’re more into a jeans and hoodie look, somehow she can pull off a vintage pullover and make it look flawless.

She may be young and fresh on the fashion scene, but she’s not afraid to take risks.

9. Camila Mendes


nmjc u?

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New to the Hollywood scene as Riverdale’s Veronica Lodge, her character pulls of Holly Golightly inspired/New York classic fashion choices every episode. But she’s also come into her own with her own sense of style outside of the CW show.

Her personal style, like her Riverdale alter ego’s, is classic, clean and simple. For black and white color schemes, bold stripes, and clean silhouettes, look no further.

Who else do you look to for fashion inspiration?

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