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27 Thoughts Every Girl Has During a One-Night Stand


You're at this frat party (isn't that how it always starts?) and you meet this guy (or girl), and you totally hit it off. Maybe you smile from across the room or a friend introduces you, and you're actually really into each other. Whether it happens that night or later in the week after ~that~ late-night text, the two of you hook up—and it's probably just a one-time thing. Here are 27 thoughts every girl has during a one-night stand.

1. YES, it's happening

I need this in my life.

2. Wait, I can't do this

Me and social situations? I'm going to be so awkward.

3. Where should we go? 

Nothing says romantic like the upstairs of a frat house.

4. This room is a MESS

Disgusting, TBH.

5. Did I shave?

*sweat smile*

6. Please let him have a condom

Because I sure as hell didn't bring one.

7. What if he wants to do something freaky?

Not sure I'm down for that.

8. Is he going to talk a lot? 

Although it's good to talk, it might kill the mood.

9. Okay, this is going better than expected

10. Where did he learn how to do that?

Probably porn…or an ex.

11. Did his roommate just get home?


12. I wonder what my friends are doing

Probably debating what to post on Instagram.

13. Okay, wait…I need to focus on this

We're both really into this!!

14. What does he want me to do?

Is he into noises?!

15. Okay, my turn plz

TY very much.

16. That was quick

Guess it's over?

17. Of COURSE he fell asleep


18. Uhhh, I guess I'll just stay the night?

The classic dilemma.  

19. Gotta update the group chat RN

I know they're living for this.

20. Need. Food. Now.

Where the pretzels at?

21. Uh, there's no toilet paper

Not amused.

22. What about a phone charger?

Hook a girl up.

23. This is seriously going to mess up my skin care regimen

What do you mean he doesn't have Neutrogena wipes?

24. I miss my bed

But this will have to do.

25. *replays night in head*

I'm testing out my first name with his last name in case it works out lol.

26. How should I describe him to my BFF?

27. One week later:

No regrets?

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