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6 Reasons to Hit the Gym This Summer


Let’s be honest—once classes and the torturous finals week wrap up, nothing sounds better than sleeping in and lounging around the house. Who has the motivation to work out when it’s scorching hot outside and a Netflix binge session is just a few clicks away? However, as summer finally sets in, you don’t want to let your workout routine take a hit. Here’s why!

1. With all of your free time, you can keep a routine

For most collegiettes, summer is much more relaxing than the school year. Yes, internships and summer jobs are thrown into the mix, but there’s less pressure in terms of classwork and juggling extracurriculars.

For Kasia, a senior at Villanova University, working out throughout the summer helps her build a routine so she has a schedule to follow (and doesn’t get sucked into too many Netflix series).

“Even with a job or internship, summer is a lot more flexible than the school year, so for me, it's helpful to have something extra to give my life some structure,” she says. “And of course, I want to be in tip-top bikini shape!”

In order to keep track of your workouts and log your progress, there are tons of inexpensive (and even free) apps to try out! Gym Hero helps you keep track of what you’ve done. Another popular option, Nike+ Move, is the perfect app for tracking your activity while comparing it to other people in your area.

Jen, a junior at Messiah College, also finds that without extra stressors, working out regularly becomes much easier. “I go to the gym often during the summer because I finally have more time to focus on my health and fitness,” she says. “Sure, I have my summer jobs, but I don't have to stay up late studying or worrying about classes and grades. Not having that extra stressor is awesome and gives me more motivation to go work out.”

2. The gym is air-conditioned

With the warm summer months come the stifling heat and humidity that can make being outside anything but enjoyable. On some days it can be hard to sit outside, let alone go for an intense run! But there are ways to work around the heat and still have a butt-kicking workout.

Jen says going to the gym routinely is an awesome excuse to beat the heat by working out in a place that you know will be air-conditioned. You know you’re going to want to avoid the hot weather from time to time, so why not make your inside time worth it and work out at the gym?

3. It’s finally nice outside

On the days when the heat is bearable, you can venture outside (without freezing!) and try an exercise or two under the summer rays. Chances are you’ll get a great workout and some vitamin D as a result!

“Working out in the summer is great because you have the option to go outside for your workout too without freezing,” Jen says. “I love taking walks outside or playing beach volleyball because it's so much fun and lighthearted. Plus, there's always swimming to do, too, and that's an awesome full-body workout!”

4. You can use it as a time to bond with old friends

You and the girls are used to grabbing lunch or going to the bars at the end of a long week, but why not mix things up and find a workout buddy (or two)? Seeing friends and getting that summer bod you’ve always dreamed of is another great reason to work out this summer. Plus, now that you’re home for the summer, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with friends back home whom you don’t have the chance to see during the school year!

"My friends and I love to go to the gym together when it's too hot to do anything outside, but we don't want to spend all day glued to the couch,” Aja, a freshman at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, says. “We'll hit up the cardio machines, lift some weights and then grab iced coffee or tea at Starbucks afterwards."

After your workout, grabbing coffee or going on a cooldown walk with your friends will help wrap up the workout session and give you an incentive to make it through the routine in the first place! You’ll also have some extra time to catch up that way, especially since it’s hard to have in-depth conversations about your roomie drama or latest crush mid-squat.

5. You can feel more confident

Ah, swimsuit season. After stress eating your way through finals and skipping the gym to get some much-needed shut-eye, the last thing you want to do is squeeze into a bathing suit in public. But with a consistent summer workout routine, you’ll feel more confident!

Iris, a sophomore at UCLA, says a fun perk of working out in the summer months is that you’ll start to look even better in your bikini pics. Now, that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and post Instagram #selfies every day, but there’s no harm in feeling good about yourself!

6. You’ll burn off those summer treats

Summertime means ice-cream runs, froyo to cool off and fruity drinks by the pool. By working out in the summer, you can enjoy these treats without stressing about your beach body. Iris says that you don’t want to “lose all the fitness and hard work you've acquired throughout the year,” and a workout every now and then will keep you on track.


On top of maintaining a healthy body, good exercise can work wonders on your self-confidence and mental health. Although we only offered a few reasons, every collegiette will have her own motivations for hitting the gym or working out from home! We’d love to hear yours, so leave a comment below. 

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