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19 Guy Traits That Make Us Go Weak at the Knees


When it comes to guys who have any or all of these 19 traits, we literally can't even. 

1. Having close relationships with the females in his life (mom, sisters, cousins, aunts, grandmas).

A sure sign of a prince is a man who treats the women in his life like queens.

2. Being a Mr. Fix-It

Clogged toilets, flat tires, squeaky door hinges… you name it, and he’s there with his tool box, ready to get his hands dirty and save his damsel in domestic distress. Even if he can’t fix it, it’s still hot when he tries.

3. Loving furry creatures

Nothing is sexier than a man nuzzling a puppy. Nothing.

4. Being a baby magnet who's amazing with children

Actually, that’s a lie. The only thing sexier than a man nuzzling a puppy is a man nuzzling a baby. It shows his nurturing, paternal side, and to us, that boosts his man points by 200.

5. Well-groomed facial hair

*sexy chin stroke*

6. Having an accent

And when he says things like “britches” and “g’day.”

7. Dressing up

A guy who cleans up well can make any woman all hot and bothered.

8. A nice, solid handshake

One that makes everything he does look like a business deal.

9. The fresh-out-of-the-shower look

That dewy skin…

10. Smelling good

Not that overpowering “I swallowed an entire bottle of AXE” smell, but the “I just naturally smell this; Burberry just comes out of my pores and dusts everything around me” smell.

11. Always being willing to lend a helping hand

Like when 80-year-old Betty needs help carrying in her groceries, or when your dad needs help unloading the luggage from the car.

12. Glasses

They give every guy an “I enjoy reading Tolstoy in the sunny courtyard outside the law building” look.

13. Quirky gestures

A wink, an upwards nod of the head, hands running through the hair, a stroke of the chin… anything. Holy crap.

14.  Wearing jeans that fit perfectly

No distressed rips or bleach stains; a solid pair of dark, perfectly butt-hugging jeans.

15.  An adorably mysterious laugh


16. Liking to dance

And not making you feel stupid if you have no fricken’ idea what you're doing.

17. A long, serious stare

It’s like he’s looking straight into the soul of whatever his eyes are on. And those eyes…

18. Acting like a gentleman to everyone he meets

A guy who's polite to every person he interacts with shows how well he was raised. It show's he's a man who values respect for every human, no matter the social, physical, gender, financial or intellectual differences.

19.  Musical talent

Even if he’s singing your grocery list, it’s instantly hot when a guitar is involved.


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