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16 Ideas Your Best Friend Tells You Are Brilliant When You're Both Drunk


You just had a wild night out with your friends and return to your apartment tipsy and tired. You flip on Netflix and lazily watch a sitcom. Suddenly your best friend gets a great idea to mimic a scene from the show or to try some weird combination of food that probably isn't meant for human consumption. We all have those friends who convince us that these late-night ideas have some merit. Well, here are 16 ingenious ideas your drunk BFF may believe are rational—but really should never be attempted.

1. Eating jars of peanut butter until you're convinced it's glued your mouth shut

2. Throwing objects into an operating fan and seeing if it throws them back in your face…

3. …or putting your face in front of the fan and seeing if you sound different when you talk

4. Sticking your hand down a toilet and flushing to see if it gets stuck

5. Using random objects as microphones for impromptu karaoke

6. Sending every contact in your phone the same “knock knock” joke

Where the guest is “Orange” *wink wink*

7. Sliding down the stairs on a mattress Princess Diaries style

8. Drawing a full face of makeup on your mirror

9. Trying to teepee (the inside of) your own house

10. Putting champagne in a perfume bottle and spritizing yourself with your new fragrance

11. Using a glue stick to glue your hand to a wine glass

12. Slathering the bottom of one foot in vaseline and the other in lotion to see which is more slippery on your kitchen floor

13. Having an epic Game of Thrones style battle with paper towel rolls

14. Attempting one (or all) of the activities in "Feeling Myself"

15. Playing adult dress-up with your entire closet

16. Planning an early breakfast at 8 a.m. the next morning

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