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16 Things Only People Who Are Bad at Saving Money Understand


I’m a person who has very little willpower, especially when it involves saving money. I can budget and resist pulling out my wallet as much as possible, but I will still cave the moment I step inside a Sephora. If you’re like me, then tightening your purse strings and stashing away more than $5 at a time is always a challenge. These 16 struggs will really resonate with you.

1. You tell yourself that you’ll FINALLY get on track with your spending habits… 

2. …until you see a very tempting sale that catches your eye 

3. You are very easily pressured by sales people into buying things you don’t need 

4. More than half of your money goes toward buying food 

5. You can never just buy one thing at a time

6. Grocery shopping is usually a nightmare 

7. Looking at your bank statements makes you cringe

8. Window shopping and browsing aren’t things you do 

9. Going out with friends is never a good idea for your self-control 

10. Making a budget and sticking to it is usually a pointless task 

11. You’re jealous of people who have actual self-restraint when they go to the mall

12. You feel personally victimized when you look at expensive things

13. You put whatever you want into online shopping carts and want to cry when you see the price

14. You’re swayed by infomercials no matter what product they’re trying to sell 

15. Canceling a subscription makes you feel conflicted

16. Looking at your account balance is a nerve-racking task 

Basically, you just dream of the day when you won’t be swamped with college debt and you can live the oh-so-extra life of a Kardashian. 

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