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17 Things That Still Bother Me About 'High School Musical'


Now, I loveHigh School Musical as much as the next girl. After all, who didn't learn the "We're All in This Together" dance? But there are more than a few things in these movies that just seem a little…off. Here are 17 things that STILL bother me about HSM.

1. The huge basketball photos in the hallways

So extra. Also, basketball seems to be the only sport at this school???

2. How we actually know nothing about the musical itself

Who are Arnold and Minnie, the roles Troy and Gabriella are auditioning for? Kelsi wrote an entire musical, and we don't even know what time period it's set in, let alone any salient plot points? HSM? More like SMH.

3. The overly laid-back basketball practices

If basketball is such a big deal at this school, why are their practices so chill? Coach Bolton isn't even there at the first practice while they break into song and choreographed dance numbers two weeks before the championship game. Practice lasts all of five minutes. Also, somehow no one seems to get sweaty.

4. How lax detention is at East High

One second they're painting and the next they're…napping?

5. Coach Bolton's kind of terrible parenting

We get it, Coach—you want your son to reach his full potential. But pressuring and micromanaging him isn't the way to do it.

6. The way Troy's friends won't support him off the court

Probably because your team is lowkey bullying you, Troy. Forget getcha head in the game. Getcha some new, more positive friends.

7. Darbus keeps saying "musicale" instead of "musical"

The cover of my well-loved DVD doesn't say High School MUSICALE. 

8. The rooftop garden

In the middle of the desert (okay, Albuquerque), do they really have the water to spare on this? 

9. Sharpay and Ryan's mysterious roles as "co-presidents of the drama club"

Though we never really get any information about this club, it seems their main function is to create drama offstage as well as on.

10. The fact that NO ONE is thrilled that Zeke bakes

Let's be real: The high school boys I know would be all over Zeke's creations, and he'd be begged to cater their team practices ASAP. At least Sharpay finally appreciates his cookies.

11. When the entire school changed its mind and started being supportive

Character development, but very abrupt character development nonetheless. You guys JUST hijacked an entire cafeteria to sing "Stick to the Status Quo."

12. Troy sneaking up to Gabriella's balcony 

Tbh, major Edward Cullen stalker vibes. At least Romeo waited for Juliet to invite him up.

13. Chad Danforth's multiple watches

Really, Chad?

14. Taylor and Chad's strangely complex plan to stop Troy and Gabriella from going to callbacks

Sure, Troy's oblivious…but not that oblivious.

15. How everyone acts like you can't do sports AND theater

Colleges like to see well-rounded applicants, guys! Believe it or not, there's more to life than hoops.

16. Why are East High's passing periods so long?

The passing period to class time ratio is like 100 to 1.

17. The fact that Sharpay and Ryan have supposedly starred in 17 school productions

HSM starts halfway through their junior year, so they've only been at East High for two-and-a-half years—meaning they'd have to perform in a whopping 3.4 shows a semester. Since it takes an entire movie just to get to callbacks, this seems like a stretch.

The truth is, though, High School Musical could have 17,000 plot holes and it'd still be my movie version of comfort food. After all…


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