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14 Things Only Lazy But Also Overachieving Girls Will Understand


We all have days when we're ready to take on whatever life throws at us. We manage to wake up early and go to the gym all before a full day of work. But we can't be Olivia Pope every day, now can we? Unfortunately, many of us have long-term goals and an exceptional work ethic that is largely overshadowed by our chronic laziness. If this sounds like you, we feel your pain. Here are 14 things overacheiving but lazy girls struggle through everyday.

1. You know to set at least 6 alarms for yourself or you won’t be leaving bed the next morning.

2. It takes 3 cups of coffee and 1 bagel (on average) to get your brain functioning for the day.

3. Your calendar looks a little something like this:

4. But looking at all of your responsibilities makes you feel like this:

5. On the outside it may look like you have it all together.

6. But usually you are walking around feeling like:

7. Your biggest priority when shopping for professional looking clothing is comfort.

8. Basically if you could get away with wearing a snuggie to work you totally would.

9. Any time is wine time.

10. You make this face at least 5 times a day.

11. You may go to the gym on a regular basis.

12. But you can often be found walking on the treadmill indulging in some Law and Order.

13. There is a 99% chance whenever you're doing something productive you're also sneakily watching Netflix.

14. People are in awe of the way you can somehow be totally unmotivated yet still get sh*t done.

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