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17 QuizUp Categories We Wish Existed


If you haven’t started playing QuizUp yet, collegiettes, we don’t recommend starting until finals week is over. The new trivia game has become insanely popular, and with more than 250 different categories, it’s no wonder no one can stop playing. Even with all those categories to choose from, there are still a few categories that we’d like to see added to the app. Here are just a few topics we feel we’d really be good at.

1. Starbucks Drinks

2. Celebrity Break-ups

3. Mean Girls

4. '90’s Cartoons

5. Slang Words

6. College Mascots

7. Disney Channel Original Movies

8. Broadway Shows

9. Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

10. Drinking Games

11. Disney Princesses

12. Rom-Coms

13. Famous Animals

14. The Greek Alphabet

15. Bottom Shelf Liquor

16. Christmas Music

17. College Party Themes

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