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10 GIFs That Perfectly Describe My Reaction to Peter & Rachel's Hot Tub Time on 'The Bachelorette'


It’s no secret that Bachelor Nation is completely in love with Peter Kraus, and just when we thought this guy couldn’t get any dreamier, he did the unthinkable on Monday night’s Bachelorette episode and agreed to get in a hot tub with Rachel Lindsay…on a group date. As if it wasn’t already obvious that Peter will likely receive Rachel’s final rose, you know they're a sure thing because producers didn’t even send in other guys to interrupt their hot tub time. That's true love, right?

According to the other men on the group date, Peter disappeared with Rachel for three and a half hours, which I’m not too sure of, but either way, we only got a quick glimpse of the two’s canoodling. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that the couple’s moment in the hot tub was a highlight of the episode, and I’ve found a perfect series of GIFs to explain my reaction to this intimate moment and its buildup.

First, I caught a tease of hot tub time before a commercial break.

Tbh, any sight of Peter gets a big reaction from me. 

But I definitely wondered if ABC was going to pull a fast one and air hot tub footage in the next episode.

With all of the rose ceremonies being pushed to the following week, I wouldn't have been surprised if this was the case.

And I decided I'd be okay if it was delayed because I got some adorable yet hot shots of Peter tailing after Rachel at a handball game on the group date.

1. Why wasn't handball (and those uniforms) a thing at my high school? 2. Can you lift every girl like that, Peter?

Then Peter and Rachel had some alone time afterwards.

He wanted to know even more about her, and it was so easy to forget that this wasn't a one-on-one date.

It was perfect, but why would hanging together on a balcony with a bunch of other dudes nearby be logical hot tub time?

But then our girl Rachel delivered for us all and asked Peter if he wanted to go in the hot tub.

You go, girl!

When Peter said yes, I knew this was going to be good.

While it was short-lived, the pair's makeout sesh in the hot tub was totally worth the wait.

When Peter joined the other men in his perfectly dry suit (supposedly) three hours later, I couldn't deal.

There may be a ton of drama going on with the other men, but as long as I have my beloved Peter moments, I'm satisfied.

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