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17 Memes That Are So You Stalking People on Social Media


No matter how much you deny it, we've all been social media stalkers at some point in our lives. Whether or not internet stalking could be your full-time job, pretty much anyone who has lurked on a certain someone's Instagram account for more than 10 minutes can relate to these memes. After all, if you aren't actively monitoring your crush's social, are you even human?

1. When you're essentially a social media stalking ninja

Only your dog knows what you're doing on your computer.

2. When social media stalking is your form of "people watching"

It's almost better than Netflix. Almost.

3. Finding someone talking crap about you on their Twitter account

Time to subtweet that jerk.

4. Being utterly disappointed by a stalking sesh

Apparently, there is such a thing as too many cat videos.

5. Whenever someone takes longer than 20 seconds to respond

Obviously, you're just checking up on your boyfriend, who isn't officially your boyfriend, to make sure he's okay.

6. When you accidentally swipe left on a hottie

Time to get the whole squad together to track this person down.

7. Restraining yourself while on dates

I mean, you have to thoroughly vet your date for research purposes, right?

8. Trying to figure out if you have a social media stalking problem

It's okay, you can quit whenever you want to.

9. Giving your "hobby" a fancy name on your dating profiles

It makes me seem important.

10. Contemplating if you could be more productive with your time

Nah, you're doing enough work as it is. Who else is gonna keep up with Linda's adventures at Target?

11. Finding the stalking equivalent of a gold mine

It's time to crack open a cold one and binge-stalk. 

12. When you accidentally like a photo while looking at your boyfriend's sister's bestie's pics from 2014

Welp, it's too late now. 

13. When you create a fake account after getting blocked

Do you really think that blocking me will do anything?

14. When you don't even know where to start with your daily social media stalking

Do you start with your bestie's dog Instagram or your third grade teacher's Facebook page?

15. When your social media stalking game is too strong and you get your feelings hurt

Why wasn't I invited to margaritas and movie night?

16. Trying to pretend that you're surprised whenever your friends announce a major milestone in their life

I already knew about your internship two days ago, Darcy.

17. When you realize it isn't really stalking if someone has their Insta open to the public

Clearly you're just admiring public art.

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