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15 Slightly Passive Aggressive Things All Girls Do


No matter if you are sweet, sassy, shy or sensitive, every girl has a little bit of passive-aggressiveness inside of her. We just can't help it! Read below for 15 slightly passive aggressive things all girls do:

1. Post subliminal tweets

Subtweet here, subtweet there. Subtweet everywhere!

2. Favorite subliminal tweets

In the hopes that you will see them.

3. Play dumb when confronted about any suspicious behavior

"I don't know what you're talking about." Sure, sure you don't.

4. Avoid liking an Instagram post

You are not worthy of their love (for the time being, that is). 

5. Say "I'm fine" when they are definitely not fine

No one knows how to handle this one. 

6. Ignore you

Does this solve problems or just create more? Hm...

7. Express their anger "nicely"

Air quotes necessary.

8. Get territorial about their clothing, shoes, food, friends, etc.

You've definitely labeled your food before, don't even lie. 

9. Do you a favor only to use it against you in the future

"Hey, you owe me one for that slice of pizza I bought you three years ago!"

10. Contradict themselves

If they leave dishes for a few days, it's no big deal ––but you better do your dishes as soon as possible!

11. Tease you about things you like 

It's supposed to be funny, so why does it feel so aggressive?

12. Make it extremely obvious that something is wrong

Without flat-out saying it, of course. Oh, but don't worry! Nothing is wrong!

13. Give backhanded compliments


"That new hairstyle really works for your face!" Translation: Your old hairstyle was not flattering. 

14. The fake smile paired with the fake laugh

No explanation necessary, here. 

15. "Politely" judging your life choices

"I mean, personally, I am just not the type of person to go out on a Monday, but, I mean, if you are then that's cool!" #Sick



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