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6 Beauty Tricks from the Kardashians You SHOULD Keep Up With


Keeping Up with the Kardashians is in its 12th season and Kardashian-Jenner fans everywhere have watched the family go through some serious transformations. We’ve watched Khloe tone it up, we’ve seen Kim as a blonde and we’ve watched Kendall and Kylie go from awkward middle schoolers to model status. Even though the leading ladies get their hair and makeup done by professionals on most days, they’ve still learned a beauty trick or two.

Khloe’s Healthy Brunette-to-Blonde Transition

Once a dark brown maven, Khloe decided to go icy blonde. Since constantly dying your hair can have harmful long-term effects, Khloe’s hair colorist, Tracey Cunningham took it slow when it came to turning her into a blonde bombshell and you should too. Work with one hair colorist and let them know what color you want to be. Depending on what color your hair is now and what your dream color is, there will be a preparation period and you may not get the final color after the first session. During your next trip to the salon, remember slow and steady wins the race!

Kylie’s Krazy, Yet Useful, Skin Moisturizer Trick

Kylie sent the Internet buzzing when she gave her friend a makeover on her namesake app. Why? Because the Snapchat superstar used a large brush by Artis Elite Makeup Brush Collection ($72) to apply moisturizer. Using a (clean!) brush to work moisturizer into your skin has several benefits: you won't be transferring the oils from your fingernails and the dirt from under your nails onto your face; the gentle massage of the brush is good for your skin; and the moisturizer is applied more evenly. Save some money and purchase a dupe of Kylie's brush for under $2 on Ebay!

Kendall’s Everyday Mascara Routine

She may be the face of Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous Knockout Mascara ($27.50) but Kendall’s never been a stranger to the lash-lengthening product. The runway model always boasts a fierce lash game; it’s one of the few trademarks of her beauty routine. How do you get Kendall's great lashes? The key is layering. Avoid clumps and make your lashes look long by waiting a few seconds before putting on a new layer of mascara. Stick to around three layers for ultimate length and volume and strut like you're the model herself. 

Caitlyn’s Signature Beach Waves

She may have a beauty team just like her stepdaughters, but Caitlyn Jenner knows how to fend for herself (and her hair) when her hairstylist Courtney Nanson isn’t around. Her secret? The Beachwaver PRO by Sarah Potempa ($199), Nanson told Allure last August. The Beachwaver will save you time and technique because it curls your hair for you, with just the click of a button. When it releases, your hair is one step closer to looking like you spent the day hanging with Jenner in her Malibu pad.

Kim’s Obsession With a Strong Strobe

In 2010, Kim and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic made a video tutorial about how to do your makeup like Kim. Now, Kim and Mario don’t have to rely on YouTube to share any tutorials because of the Kim Kardashian West app. Take a page from Kim’s makeup book and start strobing. Strobing is a new highlighting technique that's had celebrities, their makeup artists and beauty addicts everywhere going crazy. Simply put highlighter wherever natural light hits your face. It illuminates your cheekbones, nose bridge and cupid’s bow to make it look like you have a constant spotlight on you. Stand in front of your window with a mirror and find out where the light shows you love and get to highlighting. If you need some more guidance, there’s no better way to learn from the duo themselves, so grab a seat and get your highlighter ready. 

Kris's Everyday Nude Gloss

The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner brand isn't known for keeping it simple. Remember, this is the same mom who called Kim out for her 72-day marriage! But, when it comes to makeup, Kris sticks to what she knows. One of the most prominent parts of Kris's everyday look is her nude, glossy lips. Test it out on yourself by getting a neutral lipstick in your perfect shade and layering on a clear gloss. It's a good partner to a smoky eye and the key to nailing the 'no makeup' makeup look.

Kourtney's Flawless Skin Secret

Kourtney's family and personal drama may be played out on reality television, but the oldest of the famous siblings has kept her beauty routine a mystery. Generally spotted with the least amount of makeup, Kourtney's looks are about as natural as those wheatgrass shots she takes. Knowing you always have to have a strong foundation, Kourtney keeps her skin in check with a Clarisonic. Kourt told Into the Gloss that she relies on the device to wash her face every day.  Its moving brush heads smooth out rough patches and dead skin, specialized brush heads target anything from acne to deep cleansing and different speeds are there to help when your skin is in a really bad place. Pick up the perfect Clarisonic for you ($99 to 199) and glow like Kourtney.

Being in the spotlight is tough, but if there’s one thing you can give the Kardashian-Jenner crew credit for, it’s being glam. We may not agree with Kim’s past tanning history, but just like their television show, these ladies have evolved. Learn from their mistakes and take the good tips with you to the vanity. 

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