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The 13 Stages of Your Summer Internship, as told by Michael Scott


When we think about the world’s best boss, only one name comes to mind: Michael Scott. So who better to guide you through the stages of your summer internship than the laugh-inducing regional manager of Dunder Mifflin?

After a long search and an excruciating amount of résumé edits, you finally found a summer internship. And you couldn’t be more pumped to get started on this big step toward your sure-to-be amazing new career.

You’re looking to impress all your cool adult coworkers and get your network on.

You instantly feel a little bit out of the loop, being the new gal and all.

But you just decide it’s not a big deal. You’ll fit in eventually.

You get your first assignment, and you feel pretty great about it. At least you know that this is the time to show off your expertise.

You can do no wrong in your boss’s eyes, and before you know it, you feel like you’ve worked there forever.

You’re learning so much, and you realize you were made for the workforce.

All your worries about getting a job after college have disappeared…

Until you realize you have to go back to school soon.

You’re sad to leave all your new friends and the job that made you feel like an actual grown-up.

But you can’t complain about your going away party either.

Plus you’re kind of cool with getting back to your awesome college life anyway.

And one thing will never change no matter where you are.

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