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13 Signs You Love Food More Than People


Socializing is great, but sometimes food just sounds so much better. Here are 13 signs that you really love food more than people. 

1. You'd choose staying in with Netflix and cookie dough over going out any day.

2. Your Instagram account is 75 percent #foodporn.

3. The same goes for your Pinterest account. ALL THE FOOD PICS!

4. You spend the day dreaming about your next meal.

5. Your idea of a perfect date is you, cheese pizza and a romantic comedy.

6. If there's no food at a party, there's no you, either.

7. You've canceled plans to peruse your refrigerator instead.

8. "Catching up" with friends over brunch is just an excuse to eat delicious breakfast food in the middle of the day.

9. You've considered going on a date just to get a free meal.

10. You don't understand the concept of dieting.

11. You get overly excited when you see the waiter bringing your food to the table.

12. You've joined student organizations just because you knew there would be pizza at the meetings.

13. Your two favorite words in the English language are "free food."

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