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15 Signs You're Low-Key Obsessed With Your Best Friend


To the rest of the universe, it may appear that you and your best friend go to the same coffee shop every Saturday, wear the same swimsuit and talk with the same lingo. But little does the rest of the universe know how dedicated you are to your best friend, beyond those obvious actions. Here are 15 signs you’re low-key obsessed with your best friend:

1. The excessive number of posts you have tagged her in has made you a threat to Instagram. 

2. You can't help feeling the teeniest bit jealous when she makes new friends.

3. When she doesn't have a boyfriend, you are the boyfriend.

4. You have her passwords.

5. You are the Kimmy Gibbler of her house.

6. You must update her about each minute detail that occured during your day.

7. Your texts display your undeniable love for each other.


8. Nightly plans are never confirmed with her because you know you'll end up together eventually.

9. You don't get anxiety when she borrows your clothes because half of your closet is already in her house.

10. Your parents don't ask who you're hanging out with because they already know it will be her.

11. You've mastered reading her facial expressions.

12. Everything and anything reminds you of her.

13. Anyone you know who hasn't met her feels like they have because you won't shut up about her.

14. Your plans revolve around her plans.

15. If all else fails, you plan on marrying into her family somehow. 

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