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16 Things Literally Everyone Hates About College


College is one of those things you either hate or love. Even though we can all agree that college is necessary for success and has given us some of the most rewarding moments of our lives, there are certain aspects that we could ~definitely~ do without. 

1. Doing your own laundry

Hard pass.

2. Waking up to an alarm clock

Remember in high school when your mom would still wake you up in the morning?

3. Actually reading all the 500-page novels assigned to you

SparkNotes just doesn’t cut it anymore.

4. Eating healthy

Four days in a row of eating pizza doesn't cut it when you literally need to chow down on protein or you won't make it through the day. 

5. Noisy neighbors

You thought you would love the social aspect of the campus, but not when you have a huge exam tomorrow.

6. Budgeting 


7. Being truly on your own

You could really use a hug from your parents right now.

8. When eating at the dining hall means choosing the lesser of two evils

*gagging noises*

9. Walking everywhere 

Can someone just drive to class on a golf cart today?

10. Being late to class but not wanting to run there

I will not embarrass myself.

11. Not having access to cable

We love Netflix, but still. 

12. Having to make it through a two-hour class without a break

The struggle is so real.


Getting it is great, but paying it back? Not so much.

14. Having to rely on your university store for all your supplies

Where is Target when you need it?

15. Trying to balance class and extracurriculars

Obama could proabably fix that.

16. Handling the absurd weather of your college town

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