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10 Moments From This Week's 'Pretty Little Liars' That Left Me Shook


Look up “shook” in the dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of me watching this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars—the last episode before the series finale (*insert sobbing emoji*).

If you watched the episode, these 10 moments definitely left you shook.

1. When the cop didn’t see Archer Dunhill’s decomposing body in Aria’s trunk

Saved by the walkie talkie! I didn’t think that Aria would get caught with Dunhill’s body, but still, that was a close call.

Shook level: 3/10

2. When Aria was talking to Dunhill’s body in the car

I don’t think Aria has ever been more relatable than she was in this moment. If you can’t confide in the dead body in your trunk, who can you confide in?

Shook level: 6/10

3. When I realized that sequence from Five Years Forward was all a dream

I’ve been waiting to get to this flash forward for a season and a half. And it’s just Emily having a gas leak-induced dream? Really?

Shook level: 8/10

4. When Mona was threatening Charlotte

I just thought I was scared of Mona before. Her threats to Charlotte were viscous, and I never doubted a word she said.

Shook level: 8/10

5. When Mona almost threw Hanna out of the bell tower because she thought she was Charlotte

Since Mona’s officially off her rocker at this point, she mistook Hanna for Charlotte and almost threw her from the bell tower. Caleb stepped in just in time to save her because of course he did.

Shook level: 2/10

6. When the Liars decided NOT to play into A.D.’s hand

Aria said it best: “If we want to stop the crazy, we have to stop acting crazy.” YAASS! You finally get it!

Shook level: 10/10

7. When Mary took the fall for Archer Dunhill’s murder

The Liars thought Tanner had them, and then Mary confessed to killing Dunhill. Tanner was content with this development even though she knew it wasn’t the truth. Mary’s gesture was sweet, but why couldn’t the girls just say it was an accident? Why does anyone have to go to jail?

Shook level: 6/10

8. When Mona explained that Charlotte’s death was an accident

Mona and Charlotte got in a tussle in the bell tower, and Mona accidentally pushed Charlotte into a piece of exposed metal, killing her. I knew there was more to this story.

Shook level: 3/10

9. When the game ended

Seriously? The game is over before the series finale even begins? I’m not buying it.

Shook level: 9/10

10. When A.D. drove off into the sunset

Okay, there is no way A.D. is getting away with this, right? RIGHT?!

Shook level: 11/10

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