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17 Signs You're Not in With the Cool Kids Anymore


Whether you're an old lady at heart or you're just growing up, sometimes it feels like you don't get the kids these days. Here are some signs that you're just not hip anymore.

1. You don't recognize the song that everyone is singing along to

What is this mainstream junk??

2. You need 8 hours of sleep or else

Gone are the days when you could function on 3 hours of slumber.

3. You can't go out more than once a week

It's just too much effort, and neither your feet nor your liver can take it.

4. You will choose Netflix over literally anything

You've learned that there's nothing better.

5. Your hangovers are death

You used to bounce back so fast!

6. You ask 5-year-olds if they remember you from 3 years ago

Bonus points if you pinch their cheeks.

7. You freak out every time you hear the new freshman class' graduation year

Class of 2021? Really? REALLY?!

8. You find yourself actually regretting how things used to be

Ah, the good old days!

9. You spend your life on Urban Dictionary

Among your recent searches: "snatched,""OTP" and "ship."

10. You get called out for still saying "swag" or "rad"

You're all about the oldies but goodies.

11. You're shocked at how young kids get iPhones these days

Why does your 8-year-old cousin need a smartphone?

12. You have fewer but closer friends and meeting new people is a chore

Why find new friends when yours are already everything?

13. You tell lowerclassmen to make the most of everything

14. You enjoy talking to grown-ups

Talking about politics and taxes? No problem!

15. You and your parents are homies

You've come a long way from telling them they ruined your life.

16. You'll gladly take a filet mignon over chicken tenders

17. You won't take anyone's crap anymore

You're older, wiser and all-around a total badass.

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