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16 Things Busy Girls Want You to Know


It's pretty easy for a college student's schedule to become overloaded with school, work, internships and a variety of other responsibilities that life decides to throw our way. Chances are, you either know a busy girl or you are the busy girl. Usually lacking in time, sleep and energy, busy girls know just how real the struggle to stay afloat really is. These are 16 things busy girls want you to know, and pay attention because we won't have time to repeat ourselves.

1. Sleep is the most precious thing to us

It doesn't come around often, so when it does, we take full advantage of it.

2. Four hours of sleep is pretty normal for us

This is why the power nap exists.

3. We feel like we're constantly doing a million things for other people

As a result, the things we want to do usually end up on the back-burner.

4. We multitask like it's our job

Because it kind of is. There's no way we'd get half of our daily tasks completed without splitting our attention in different directions. 

5. Working lunches are a regular occurrence in our daily lives

Who has time for just lunch when there are so many other things waiting for our attention?

6. We've actually accidentally forgotten to eat lunch on more than one occasion

Unfortunately, food isn't always our first priority. 

7. When people ask what our secret is, we whisper "caffeine"

And lots of it. 

8. We're always behind on the latest television shows

Hey, at least we're consistent. That counts for something, right?

9. Slow walkers are the bane of our existence

Can't you walk and talk at the same time? I can't afford to have you slow down in front of me.

10. We're always down for grabbing a drink at the end of the day

Provided we've marked it on our schedules, of course.

11. Planning ahead is everything

If an errand isn't in our planner, it's not happening.

12. Exhaustion is not a temporary state of mind but a permanent state of being 

At this rate, we'll be forever exhausted. 

13. We carry on anyway because we know that our contributions are valued

Even if they aren't always appreciated by others, we know better than anyone else how important they are.

14. Free time is like a unicorn

Nice in theory, but it doesn't exist.

15. We have a hard time relaxing on the rare occasion when we do have free time

It's a total shock to the system.

16. When we aren't busy, we feel uncomfortably unproductive 

Busy guilt is very real. Being constantly on the move is in our nature, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

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