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5 Ways to Make Your New Relationship Last Through Summer


You and your new boyfriend are two peas in a pod, and you’re both excited to see what’s in store for your budding relationship. The only issue? It’s summer, and your family homes are far apart. This summer’s going to be rough, right?

Actually, Her Campus has ways to make the distance not only bearable, but even exciting (crazy — we know). Check out our list for keeping the romance sizzle even while you’re hundreds of miles apart.

1. Send him a surprise package.

There’s nothing like receiving an awesome gift in the mail. Make your man feel good by sending him a surprise you think he’d enjoy!

“This doesn't have to be anything expensive; it's more about the thought that counts,” says Suzanne Oshima, matchmaker at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette. “For example, send him his favorite home-baked cookies/brownies with a handwritten note sealed with an impression of the kiss of your lips.”

Hop on Amazon or Yahoo Shopping and grab an awesome gift for your guy—whether that be a box of sweets, a T-shirt of his fave baseball team or something quirky and unconventional, like these hilarious soaps. It’ll remind him how amazing you are for thinking of him.

Want to up the romance factor? Include a love letter. And don’t type it — write it by hand. It’s more personal that way! “Send him a note with a spritz of your perfume,” Oshima says. He’ll appreciate the sweet gesture, and you’ll be looking forward to his love letters in return. This is so Nicholas Sparks.

2. Skype, Skype, Skype!

Never underestimate the power of video chat, collegiettes! If you’re both into Apple devices, FaceTime is a great option, too.

Oshima recommends video chatting every week. Pick a day that works best—whether it’s Sunday nights or Wednesday mornings, whatever best fits both of your summer schedules! Most importantly, stick with a set time. That way, you’ll get to see each other every week. Yeah, it’s virtual, but it’s definitely better than nothing! Seeing his face will brighten your day, and vice versa. Plus, it’s something to look forward to.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Have a virtual dinner date complete with candles to give your Skype sesh a romantic vibe. Or play show-and-tell using a treasured item in each of your households, whether it be a childhood picture or a fifth-grade soccer trophy; this is a great way to get to know each other, too.

3. Swap clothes.

There’s nothing like sleeping in your guy’s oversized T-shirt or hoodie—ahh. Plus, Oshima has other awesome ideas for what to do with it.

“Get a shirt or sweatshirt of his before you leave for summer and then take a sexy photo of you in it and text it to him later in the summer,” Oshima suggests.

If you’ve already left for summer break, no problem—have him mail you a sweatshirt of his and promise you’ll return it when you both go back to school (don’t be ashamed to indulge in cheeseball romantic practices every once in a while!). It’ll make the fall semester seem not so far away. Send him a scarf or a beloved T-shirt of yours, too, and you both can make the same pledge! Have him spray his cologne on his item of choice, and spray your best perfume on yours. He probably won’t wear yours (it might be a little troubling if he did…), but he’ll always have your scent nearby to remember you. Aww, how romantic.

4. Email him a funny e-card.

This is a cute and quirky way to stay in touch with your guy. Virtual cards are so adorable! Check out American Greetings; you can get a free trial to see if you like it. Other sites to check out include BlueMountain.com. You’ll fall in love with the hilarious, adorable cards these sites boast—and your guy will love them, too. You don’t have to do it daily, but sending a cute card over email is an underrated way to brighten each other’s days.

Don’t have the money for a membership? That’s okay! Get him ROFL-ing by emailing him links to funny YouTube clips, like videos from CollegeHumor or Funny Or Die. He’ll appreciate your awesome sense of humor.

5. Text him when something reminds you of him — but not 24/7.

If you hear your song on the radio, shoot him a quick text: “X song just came on—thinking of you! Hope you’re having a great day!” This shows him that he’s on your mind, but you’re also totally cool with keeping the convo less-than-novel length.

“Send him flirty, fun texts [and] photos of things that make you think about him when you're out,” Oshima says.

It’s important not to go overboard with your texts, though. If you text him all the time, there’s a serious chance of coming off as clingy, which is a totally unattractive quality in a partner! Make sure to have fun on your own, too. It’s only a downward spiral after the obsessive texting starts. Have a fabulous time on your own and with your family and friends — you’ll feel great about yourself because you’ll know you don’t need to rely on him to be happy.

“It's important to not spend the entire summer missing him and being depressed,” Oshima says. “Otherwise, you'll seem too needy to him, and that will be a huge turnoff.  So you have to have a balance and show him you're thinking about him, but you're also having a fun, great summer even without him.”

We know you’ll miss him this summer, but at least there are ways to alleviate the hardships of an LDR. Look at it this way, collegiettes — fall is just around the corner (seriously, summer is never forever), and soon you’ll actually be missing the days when you could wear cute Target bikinis and sip virgin margaritas by the pool. Don’t take it for granted!

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