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13 Weird AF Things Everyone Does With Their SO


No one wants a relationship that's all work and no fun. So admit it: anyone who's been in a relationship long enough to feel comfortable with their SO has done at least half of these weird (but totally normal) things. Where do you think all those inside jokes come from?

1. Using the bathroom while the other one showers.

2. Or asking the other to sit in there with you while you use the bathroom.

3. Popping each other's pimples.

4. Watching each other sleep.

5. And then taking pictures of them while they sleep.

6. Secretly filming them.

7. You pee with the door open.

8. And shamelessly fart around them.

9. You inspect each other's weird hairs and moles.

10. You smell each other.

11. Sleeping with each other's clothes because they smell like them.

12. Pretending to be animals.

13. Licking each other.

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