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12 Signs You Learned Everything You Need to Know About Life from 'The O.C.'


The O.C. was the OG teen drama that stole our hearts more than 13 (yes, 13!) years ago. Seth, Summer, Marissa, and Ryan graced our screens long before we even knew about shows like Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. They were pretty much essential to how we came to be. Seriously -- they taught us a lot, including the following ~important~ life lessons: 

1. It is possible to be friends with your ex

2. Avoid dating people you meet in therapy

3. Your past doesn't define your future

4. Chrismukkah is the best holiday of the year

5. "Friends with benefits" is hard to pull off

6. Food is a priority in all relationships


7. Alcohol solves some problems...


8. But not when you're about to get behind the wheel!

9. Talking about sex with parents never gets easy

10. And sex itself can be awkward too...

11. Boys suck (most of the time)

25 Important Lessons We Learned From

12. There's truly no place better than the O.C.

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