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17 Horrifying Tinder Messages Every Girl Has Gotten


Whether you're using Tinder for casual dating, hookups, romance or something in between, the online dating app doesn't necessarily make the love scene any easier. It definitely isn't Tinder's fault. In fact, it's usually the creepy people on the app who feel the need to borderline harass and berate you. Seriously, would any of these people even say these things to your face? I think not. We're pretty sure every girl has gotten something similar to these horrifying messages.

1. Sending a lengthy initial message explaining that they definitely aren’t a creep or pervert

I’m so glad you sent me a 1,500 character essay about the reasons you aren’t a creep. I’m thoroughly convinced.

2. The good ol' “Will you marry me?” message

You think you’re being cute, but it’s especially creepy if you lead with that crap.

3. Asking for your Snapchat within the first 30 minutes of Tindering

Yeah, no. If they ask for your Snapchat before they ask you for your number or ask you on a date, they want nudes.

4. Making weird comments about your height (especially if you’re noticeably short in a group photo)

Thanks for reminding me that you could just pick me up and run off with me. Now, I know that I’ll never hang out with you.

5. Asking for a threesome

No thanks, my schedule is all booked up with threesomes through the rest of the year. Try back in January.

6. Asking how big your boobs are

Idk, how big is your dick, Brad? Don’t worry, size isn’t everything, as long as you aren’t an a-hole.

7. The subtle sexual pick-up line

You think you’re being original, but you aren’t.

8. The not-so-subtle sexual pick-up line

If I had a dollar for every time someone sent me a lengthy pick-up line, which ultimately ending with them asking me to sit on their face, I’d have enough money to pay for tuition.

9. Getting angry

Sorry, nobody is obligated to go on a date hangout with you just because you asked. Throwing a temper tantrum doesn’t help your cause either.

10. The blatant “Wanna fuck?” message

You think you’ll get some kind of weird mythical points for being honest and straight to the point, but you won’t. You’ll probably just get unmatched or trolled.

11. Asking how many people you’ve slept with

Why do you even care? If you must know, then it’s 2,000.

12. Straight up insulting you

I'm sorry, isn't the point of Tinder to win me over on some kind of level?

13. Petty strings of messages because you didn’t respond in one second

Shit, sorry I didn’t respond between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. because I was at work. How inconsiderate of me.

14. Asking if you’re on the pill

Why, yes, I am on Tylenol. Thank you for asking!

15. Asking what you weigh

Why is this even a question?

16. Asking you to come over before you’ve even met

Oh, we’ve have three lines of text, you live alone and we’ve never met in a public place before? No thank you. I may have a crippling amount of student loan debt, but I don’t want to die today.

17. Blaming their terrifying and shameful messages on their friends

Mmhm. I’m sure your friend regularly snags your phone while y’all are casually hanging out at 9:21 a.m. on a Monday.

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