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17 Times Carrie Bradshaw Was Our Soulmate


If you love Sex and the City or strive to be a columnist living in New York City one day, Carrie Bradshaw is likely your spirit animal. With so many epic moments, we often find ourselves wishing we could be friends with her. Below are 17 times Carrie was our soulmate.

1. When she lands Mr. Big

2. When she wakes up in Sam’s gross apartment

3. When she gets $1,000 after a one-night stand

4. When she farts in Mr. Big’s bed

5. When she stands up for herself against Big

6. When she gets back with Big

7. When she purposefully leaves personal items at Big’s apartment

8. When she skips the gym

9. When she gets her heart broken

10. When she meets Matthew McConaughey

11. When she tells it like it is

12. When she dances like nobody's watching

13. When she knows shopping is more important than cooking

14. When she writes her column in her pajamas

15. When she orders a Cosmopolitan

16. When she eats leftover Chinese

17. When she looks effortlessly flawless

Which Carrie Bradshaw moment is your favorite, collegiettes?

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