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A Definitive Ranking of the Most Annoying 'Gossip Girl' Characters


While most of us can agree that Blair Waldorf was the unofficial queen of Gossip Girl, the show also featured a lot of other characters we grew to know and love—we’re looking at you, Chuck Bass. I think we can also agree that there were some characters that were just universally terrible.

Most of them were teenagers when the series started but blossomed into better versions of themselves as they moved onto the “real” world. Other characters never made that transition and annoyed us throughout the show, so much so that they earned a spot on this list.

Here is a definitive ranking of the most annoying characters on Gossip Girl. (And obviously, there are tons of spoilers.)

12. Agnes Andrews

From luring Jenny to the dark side of fashion, to drugging her and leaving her vulnerable to creepy bar guys, to burning her fashion designs, Agnes was just all-around terrible and had zero redeeming qualities that I can think of.

11. Sage Spence

A character who had it out for Serena, Sage was basically the equivalent of Serena or maybe Blair when they were in high school. She dated Nate—and lied to him about her age—and did everything she could to break up her father and Serena, even when Serena tried to be decent and reach out to her. Sage’s manipulative ways were just annoying from the start, and she wasn’t around long enough to change much.

10. Lola Rhodes

Lola wasn’t as bad as her imposter, Ivy Dickens, but she was pretty awful toward her blood family. She had a nasty attitude toward them most of the time and even went so far as to give Ivy her inheritance in exchange for bringing down Lily.

9. Rachel Carr

Rachel appeared in the second season after finding herself at odds against Blair for giving her a B. Rachel tried to bring Blair down—and failed, obviously—and was so defensive when she was accused of sleeping with a student and fired for the rumor. While untrue, what did she run out and do as soon as she was fired? Jump Dan's bones. Gross.

8. Prince Louis Grimaldi

I had such high hopes for Louis when he first appeared on the show. He had an accent, he was cute, and he was a prince—what more could a girl ask for? A lot more, it turns out, because this prince turned out to be cold and manipulative. He acted like he was in love with Blair and married her, only to later tell her their marriage was a contract and their love wasn’t real. Can you say "jerk"?

7. Juliet Sharp

Juliet used Nate to get close to Serena and avenge her brother, and honestly, anyone who uses/hurts Nate is automatically unlikable. But Juliet took things way too far when she drugged Serena to try to make her look like a party girl again. Trying to ruin someone’s reputation is one thing—everyone on GG does at some point, tbh. Drugging people is another.

6. Vanessa Abrams

Vanessa wasn’t bad at first but slowly went downhill. Like Dan, she had a tendency to act self-righteous and thought she was morally superior to everyone else. When she took part in scheming, it was usually for Dan’s sake, but she went too far trying to get the “old Dan” back and really should’ve let go a long time ago. She also joined forces with some other annoying characters, Jenny and Juliet, and became annoying by default. Plus, that threesome between her, Dan and Olivia Burke was just weird. The only time she was all right was when she was dating Nate.

5. Serena van der Woodsen

Okay, as much as I love Blake Lively, her character was just too irritating to ever truly love the way I loved Blair. Blair did some terrible things—like most GG characters—but she owned up to being a bitch. All Serena did was play the victim continuously and never owned up to her mistakes. She never really showed any character growth. At least her hair always looked fab.

4. Ivy Dickens

She was okay while pretending to be Charlie Rhodes, but once her lies came out in the open, she was too obsessed with the Upper East Side to leave and tried to play games like the rest of them. It took her way too long to realize she sucked at scheming and would never win. Plus, her voice was really annoying.

3. Dan Humphrey

I know everyone loved him with Serena and was glad they ended up together, but honestly, my happy ending would have been for Dan to get kicked out of the elite circle he worked so hard to both get into and tear down. As if exposing all of his friends’ secrets in his book wasn’t bad enough, he turned out to be Gossip Girl after spending the entire series complaining about the other characters and acting so self-righteous, like he was somehow better than them for not being from the Upper East Side. He’s just as annoying as his sister, which leads us to Little J.

2. Jenny Humphrey

From talking to other fans about GG, I think we can all agree that Jenny went from Dan’s sweet younger sister to a scheming psychopath. She ruined other people’s relationships for no real reason, never listened to anyone’s advice while continuously screwing up her own life, and became so obsessed with climbing the social ladder that she lost all of her morals, common sense and likability. She’s one character I don’t think anyone really missed when she left.

1. Georgina Sparks

Literally every time Georgina popped back up, I sighed and rolled my eyes because I knew she was about to try to ruin everyone’s lives. Again. Georgina, like most of the characters on GG, is manipulative, but the difference is she’s ruthless and will stop at nothing. She doesn’t have any “soft” spots and doesn’t feel bad for destroying people’s lives. Honestly, she’s probably a sociopath, but she’s also the most annoying character on the entire show—which is saying something.

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