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Your Perfect Gym Style, According to Your Zodiac Sign


If your workout wardrobe is in desperate need of a revamp or you’re losing motivation at the gym, some new activewear may be just what you need to boost your fitness confidence. This time, instead of aimlessly rifling through your old, permanently smelly gym tees or wearing those faded leggings again, try something new and put on an outfit that is undeniably you. Read on to see what you should wear the next time you hit the gym—according to your zodiac sign.


You’re known for your originality and independence, so show it in the weight room! Don’t be afraid to wear a bold outfit, like statement leggings and a strappy top. You also tend to be the humanitarian in your friend group, so consider buying your workout wear from a sustainable or charitable organization, like Alternative Apparel. Lean towards black, gray, or blue, as those are your power colors.


You’re a water sign, so you probably enjoy swimming and other water sports. Your colors include sea green and purple, so keep those in mind when browsing for activewear. Search for swimsuits that will meet your athletic needs, and if you’re looking for everyday gym clothes, make them fun by incorporating mermaid-like elements or aquatic colors.


Your power colors include red and pink, and you tend to love comfortable clothes. Lean towards loose-fitting pieces and pair them with sneakers that will take you through even the toughest workout. After all you do love a physical challenge.


You’re a woman with expensive taste—let that side of you shine when you’re shopping for workout clothes. Spending more on clothes that are high-quality and long-lasting will make the initial cost worth it in the long run. However, there are many brands that look and feel like they cost a fortune, but won’t break the bank. Try shopping at Athleta or test out Kate Hudson’s line, Fabletics. Blue, pink and green are your colors, so why not incorporate all three?


You’re an intellectual and the queen of overthinking. Your mind is one of your best assets. Your best workouts are mindful, like pilates and yoga, so shop around for clothes that don’t distract you from your zen. Find fabrics that you love, but that won’t be noticeable while you’re holding your chair pose. Search for colors like soft yellows and greens.


As an artistic sign, you have qualities like imagination and creativity. Try out artsy-looking activewear in bold colors, especially white and orange. You’re a water sign, so you tend to feel most energized when you’re near the water. While you’re picking out regular workout attire, take a look at some athletic swimsuits, because any water-based workout is going to motivate you.

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As the most creative of the signs, you should opt for workout clothes with pops of color and fun patterns. You tend to be cheerful and you love anything bright and colorful. You’re energized by sunny colors like gold, orange, white and red—because they make the loudest statement.


You’re the resident health nut of your friend group. You’re practical and hardworking, so the functionality of your workout gear is more important than the style. Hidden pockets in leggings? Must have. Sportswear that ventilates itself as you sweat? Um, need. That’s not to say that style isn’t important, though. You’re invigorated by nature and earthy colors like white, yellow, camel, forest green and burgundy. Shop around for styles that are versatile and make you feel like your best, most energized self.


You have incredible leadership skills and you’re the friendliest, most peaceful gal around. You enjoy finding harmony and balance, so you probably love workouts like barre, pilates and yoga. Like Virgo, you love the outdoors. Choose versatile pieces in your power colors—blue and green—that can take you from barre to a pavement-pounding trail run in no time.


You were born passionate, brave and determined. You’ll never quit a workout and you’re the first one to suggest trying new fitness trends like aquacycling and pole dancing. You love the intensity of a great gym session, and your clothes should reflect that. Choose outfits that can withstand even the sweatiest kickboxing class. Your sign is motivated most by colors like red, pink, rust and burgundy.


You’re known for your great sense of humor, so try showing it in your workout clothes! Since you also enjoy the outdoors and adventuring, make sure your clothes can withstand a tough hike. Go for colors like purple, red and pink to feel extra powerful.


Your power colors are neutrals: brown, grey and black. You are disciplined and a dependable strategist; you tend to lean towards workouts that require endurance and patience, such as long runs. Studies show that compression shorts and leggings help your muscles maintain more power and use oxygen better, so keep this in mind when you're shopping for your next half-marathon.

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