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15 Things That Will Make All Incredibly Organized People Cringe


As a girl who works to keep her life in check, organization has always been crucial to me. I can’t cope with a messy room, my laundry always needs to be done and don’t even get me started on my color-coded school notes and supplies. If you’re like me, then these disorganized moments that happen in everyday life will make you cringe. 

1. When you walk into a friend's messy room

2. People who don't properly sort their laundry before they wash it

3. Always noticing unsorted items in a store

You probably fix them yourself.

4. Not having time to cross everything off your to-do list

5. Spotting something dirty and fighting the urge to clean it

6. Going to the gym and noticing when people don't put the weights back properly

7. Seeing trash and food left behind on a restaurant table 

8. Dealing with friends who make last-minute plans 

9. Forgetting to write something down in your planner

10. Coming home to see that your roommate rearranged things in your apartment

11. When food items are moved from their "proper" places in the fridge

12. Not being able to buy a gift well in advance 

13. When you have to ignore a bunch of notifications on your phone 

14. Being any less than 10 minutes early to something 

15. People who just don't understand your dedication to organization 

Even when you feel a little challenged by the messy world around you, wield your coordinated notebooks and label makers with pride and make Monica Geller proud. 

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