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15 Memes That Are So You Staying Single Forever & Ever


Being single is typically viewed as a problem waiting to be fixed. Although the single life has its downfalls, it definitely has plenty of perks. Chances are, you've already fully embraced the single life and will have zero problems relating to the following memes.

1. You view your single status as an advantage

Why would you ever want to get rid of such a status?

2. Your indecisive nature is both a blessing and a curse 

Can't we all just be like Hannah Montana and have the best of both worlds? 

3. You're merely a spectator in the play that is life

You didn't choose the single life; the single life chose you.

4. You're too busy having a relationship with yourself

There's not enough love left over to give to someone else. How could you possibly add someone else to the mix?

5. Your love for food is unparalleled

This is quite possibly the greatest love story you'll ever have. That's totally normal, right?

6. Your slight superstition has turned into flat-out paranoia

Enough said.

7. You have moments of refusing to acknowledge that love exists

This is an undeniably literal fact.

8. You value your sleep very much

When it comes to your bed, sharing is definitely not caring. 

9. Falling for somebody other than yourself is just too hard

It's just not worth the inevitable pain and heartbreak. 

10. You're an expert at giving relationship advice

Oh, the irony. 

11. You're just too good for anybody else

Nobody can live up to the ridiculously high bar you've set.

12. You know that the only person you can always count on is yourself

And you know you won't disapoint yourself. 

13. You've put in the effort and received nothing in return

Why do you have to be like that, Zac? 

14. You always try to look on the bright side of every situation

There's always a silver lining if you look hard enough for it. 

15. You're just living your best life

You're accountable for no one but yourself, and the only person's happiness you need to worry about is your own. What's not to love about that?

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