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People on Pinterest Are Obsessed With This Hairstyle


Byrdie has officially revealed the hairdo of the summer: space buns.

They looked at all the photos from Coachella weekend 1—aka the mother of all summer fashion events—and found them to be the top trending hair look by far.

The '90s throwback features double, tight baby buns on top of your head. You've seen this before on Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani, but this year Pinterest searches were up 162 percent. There's tons of styles and scenarios for space buns—you can wear them at the beach, for a photo shoot or at the gym. You can add French braids leading up to the buns or sprinkle on some glitter for that festival vibe. They're just so versatile! Here are eight ways to rock space buns this summer:

1. Gymming like Demi Lovato

2. By following this tutorial


Quick Space Buns by @laineymariebeauty!! Press play to create the look!! #TAOprofessional (Link in Bio)

A post shared by TAO Professional™ (@taoprofessional) on

3. Summer smiling like Poppy Delevingne


My anaconda don't want none unless you've got BUNS hun

A post shared by Poppy Delevingne (@poppydelevingne) on

4. Throwing it back to Miley in ~that~ phase

5. With dyed hair for flair

6. In that messy bun style

7. Half-back half-bun

8. Adding those braids

Can I say the space bun trend is gonna be out of this world? Too much? Okay.

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