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The 15 Types of People You'll See at the Airport


Though we love to travel, the “getting there” process is often more of an adventure than the adventure itself. Take, for instance, the insane variety of people you see wandering the airport terminals. Every type of human from every walk of life finds him or herself lurking in an airport at some point in his or her life. Here are the types of people you’re bound to see there every single time.

1. The self-important businessman

Always in Business Class, this suit-clad man is usually yelling into his BlackBerry as the flight attendant tells everyone to turn off their phones. It generally appears as though the call the businessman is on is less important than the man letting everyone else know just how important he is. 

2. The unaccompanied minor

The coolest of kids are the ones who are allowed to fly alone. The unaccompanied minor is usually eating McDonald’s and playing games on his or her iPad.

3. The guy who's really, reallylate for his flight

We're sorry that you can't manage your time, but it's super annoying that you think you can cut everyone else in line just because your flight takes off in 15 minutes. 

4. The person who thinks he's still in bed

Wearing pajamas to the airport is possibly the biggest flying faux pas. Everyone else managed to put clothes on this morning—why do you think you’re an exception?

5. The kid who doesn’t want to be there

Usually aged between 4 and 12, this kid throws a temper tantrum while waiting in line at security, at the gate and during takeoff. If not screaming, this kid is generally so unimpressed with airport life that he or she just falls asleep. 

6. The person who doesn’t realize his earphones aren’t plugged in

It’s really awesome that you have enough self-confidence to listen to A*Teens, but it’s awkward that you think you’re listening by yourself. We can all hear you.

7. The lady who's totally unprepared for security

If you wear a belt, 40 pounds of jewelry, strappy heels and two jackets and you have two carry-ons, you're just making life really hard for yourself at security. This person takes approximately three decades to get her belongings into the conveyor belt… and then gets called back for forgetting to put her laptop in its own tray.

8. The smelly dude who you really hope isn’t assigned to the seat next to you.

He will be assigned to the seat next to you – mark our words.

9. The sports team

On their way to some super-awesome tournament across the country, this gaggle of teens is wearing uniforms and carrying backpacks with their team logo emblazoned across the backs.

10. The person who's unsure if food will ever be available again

They basically buy out Hudson News and show up at the gate with every type of candy, chip, popcorn and nut mix that exists. Better safe than sorry…?

11. Dead or delayed?

You’re not quite sure if the person slumped over on the chair at the gate is just waiting for a delayed flight (and taking a nap) or if this situation is much more dire. 

12. The adorable elderly couple

They’re just on their way back home from visiting the grandkids. Leave ‘em alone.

13. The baby

So cute, but so loud. The baby will inevitably scream his or her head off throughout the entire flight and convince you that you aren't meant to be a mother after all. 

14. The conversationalist

Just looking to make a new friend, the conversationalist will try to talk to anyone who accidentally makes eye contact with him. Pretend you didn’t see him and walk away. No new friends for you.

15. The celebrity

Though this person probably isn’t even famous, she acts like she is. Wearing sunglasses through security, demanding special attention and asking someone else to carry her bags are classic signs that someone is a little too diva for her own good. 


It takes all types, right? Airports are nothing if not full of diverse characters.

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