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18 Things Only People Who Just Graduated Understand


You were so ready to get out of college, but now real life has set in. And tbh, it's nothing like you thought it would be. If you're a recent grad, you'll totally be able to relate to these feels.  

1. The mixed emotions between being happy and constantly sad that it’s all over

2. Those “I just graduated. Now what?” thoughts

3. Your parents becoming your BFF because you have no idea how to adult

4. Not allowing youself to be picky about your first job

5. Not knowing what you want out of life

6. Generally being in that twentysomething limbo 

7. Realizing just how hard it is to survive your first job search

8. And realizing that having a job isn’t much different than school

9. That empty feeling you get when you remember you have to pay back those student loans

10. Thinking you’re a failure for having to move back home

11. Not feeling like a grown-up

12. College becoming a distant memory

13. And you thinking you'll never have fun again because of it

14. Refusing to accept the responsibility that comes with being an adult

15. Assuming that how things are now determines the rest of your life

16. Having to constantly come up with a decent answer to, “So what’s your plan now?”

17. Missing living off of meal plans, naps and free gym access

18. Wishing you could start all over again

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