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22 Things Only People Born to Travel Will Understand


Some say that the love of travel is a gene--the wanderlust gene. You either have it or you don't. Only true born travelers can match to the following traits. Do you have the travel bug?

1. You have no fear of getting jet lagged

2. You get a high when booking a trip

3. Your passport stamps are your most valued possessions

4. You're naturally curious  

5. You have an active imagination

6. You are fearless

7. Your favorite class was and always will be world geography

8. You're a born planner and love asking questions

9. You are a go-getter

10. You could never imagine yourself living in the same place forever

11. It comes as a surprise when people tell you they have never left the country

12. You have a thing for maps and marking all the places you've been

13. You’ve spent countless hours looking at inspiring travel pics on social media

14. You have (or have considered getting) a tattoo to symbolize your love for traveling

15. You're fascinated by other languages

16. You’ve daydreamed about working for National Geographic

17. When people ask you what your dream vacation would be, you can never decide on just one place

18. Your dream job has always been a position that allows you to explore the world

19. You have friends from all over the world

20. You're always thinking about where to go next

21. You collect currency from every country you've visited

22. You can never get enough

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