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19 Reasons You Should Date the Overachieving Girl


With their intense personalities and tightly packed schedule, overachievers can sometimes come across as intimidating. But overachievers make some of the best lovers. Check out these reasons why you should totally date the overachieving girl! 

1. She knows what she wants.

Over-achievers are goal driven and are always clear about what they want. She chose you as her SO, so that says a lot!

2. She has an incredible work ethic.

You’ll be mesmerized by the way she can complete a 10-page paper, make her volunteer shift at the hospital, and still meet you for dinner all in the same day.

3. She’s super outgoing.

Her driven personality makes her amazing at making friends and connections, and you’ll love being introduced to her large networking circle. 

4. She understands how stressful life can get.

Her crazy schedule means she has experience dealing with stress, and this makes her the perfect support system for her SO.

5. She’s always on time.

Over-achievers can’t afford to be late when they have somewhere to be every hour. Rest assured she’ll never be late to spend time with you. Ever.

6. She has high standards.

She prides herself in having high standards for herself and those around her and never compromises them for anything.

7. She’ll always find something for the two of you to do.

Over-achievers love to stay busy and active, so she’ll always come up with creative date ideas for the two of you to enjoy.

8. She’s going places.

This girl has big dreams and the work ethic to take her there. In a couple of years she’ll totally be the Chief of Surgery or a District Attorney- and what’s hotter than success?

9. She'll always bring you coffee.

Over-achievers depend on coffee, so she’ll always be willing to pick you up a cup when she's getting her hourly fix. Plus, she’s probably amazing at making iced mochas. 

10. She’s inspiring.

You will be in awe of hardworking personality, big aspirations, and positivity and this will inspire you to be the best you can be.

11. She’ll encourage you to pursue your own goals.

She wants you to be just as successful in your own professional life as she is and she will do everything in her power to see this happen.

12. She has no time for drama.

Over-achievers have a very tight schedule, so she has no time for any unnecessary drama that may interfere with this. You can be sure your relationship will be drama-free.

13. She’ll always make you proud.

With her long list of awards and accomplishments, this girl will make you proud to call her your “bae”.

14. She’s not afraid to make plans for the future.

Over-achievers love to plan for things years in advance, so she won’t be scared to talk about the future and make commitments. Over-achievers are in it for the long haul.

15. She’s extremely organized.

With her many commitments and deadlines, the over-achiever can’t afford to be disorganized. You’ll love that she’ll enjoy helping you organize your own life, too. 

16. She’ll help you create the perfect resume.

Chances are she’s had years of experiencing creating the perfect resume for every situation, and she’ll be glad to impart her knowledge on you.

17. She’s extremely independent.

Just because she’s in a relationship, it doesn’t mean she’s going to give up her own independence. Better yet, the over-achiever supports and encourages her SO to cultivate their own independence- after all, you’re both still separate people.

18. She's confident in her abilities. 

She never lets anyone tell her what she can and cannot do and she never second guesses herself. Her confidence is one of her best qualities. 

19. She knows how to prioritize.

Prioritizing is the key to balancing her crazy schedule. But, no matter how busy life may be, the over-achieving girl always makes time for her significant other.

Don’t be too intimidated to date the over-achieving girl! Her strong work ethic and goal-driven mind makes her an amazing significant other. And who knows, maybe some of her success will rub off on you!  

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