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16 Signs You're the Cristina Yang of Your Friend Group


Honestly, what is Grey's Anatomy without Cristina Yang? We've been forced to find out ever since she left in Season 11, and we don't exactly like the answer. Nobody can replace her wit or passion for cardiothoracic surgery. We're not sure if we want to be her best friend or just be her. Either way, you're totally obsessed and strive to be like her every day. If you can relate to any of the following, you're without a doubt THE Cristina Yang of your friend group: 

1. You have your (food) priorities in check

2. You're not into cuddling and discussing your feelings

3. You're blunt AF

4. Like, really blunt

5. You know that brains > beauty

6. And making history is on your to-do list

She never settles.

7. You don't find your worth in the opposite sex (even when it's McDreamy)

8. Because you know they're generally not very bright

9. Confidence comes naturally to you

10. But cleanliness does not

11. You have the occasional breakdown

12. You know how to party

13. Especially when it involves dancing

14. You know how to give bomb advice

She can tell you how to channel your inner awesome.

15. You don't put up with whiny people

She'll call you out when you're whining.

16. You're basically the sh*t, and you know it

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