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15 Things That We All Think Are Good Ideas When We're Drunk


If there is one lesson to learn in college it should be to NEVER trust the person that you are when you're drunk. Drunk you has a completely different agenda and it is not in your favor. From the sticky situations to just plain humiliating yourself in public, drunk you always knows how to cause a scene. Drunk you is the person that you would hate if you were sober. Here are 15 things that we always think are good ideas when we're drunk but probably shouldn't.

 1.  Calling your ex

2. Ordering $20 worth of Windy City Weiners as if you can afford to do that

3.  Tearing apart your entire room trying to find your key when it's in plain sight

4.  Having a "little more" to drink

5.  Calling your parents to tell them how much you love and appreciate them at 3 a.m.

6.  Inhaling every scrap of food left in your apartment 

7.  Going home with the guy from the bar

8.  Going to sleep with a full face of makeup on

9.  Going to sleep with all of your going out clothes on

10.  Revealing your secret hatred for someone

11.  Putting up a Snapchat story of alcohol as if people care to see it

12.  Instagraming a candid picture with a basic caption

13.  Flirting with the bartender

14.  Whining your way out of situations

15.  Walking home (seriously don't do this)

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