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15 Memes That Are So "You as a Mother" It Hurts


For most of us, motherhood is a vision very far in the VERY distant future. Now, that doesn't mean we don't spend time imaging what that future part of our lives will look like. Some of us will be the moms totally making our kid's lives miserable through embarrassment, while others will be powerful feminist moms proudly freeing the nipple while breastfeeding in public. Whatever type of mom you think you'll be, here are 15 memes that will definitely be you as a mother. 

1. You will be the cutest pregnant lady to ever walk the earth, and if anyone tells you otherwise, you'll tear their beating heart form their chest. 

2. Also, you thought of hilarious birth announcement ideas for years, and you can't wait to use your newborn infant as a baby model. 

3. You will 100 percent have children that are as painfully dorky as you were. This will fill you with glee. 

4. You'll excitedly join the ranks of proud breast-feeding mothers taking the internet by storm. 

5. You realize that sometimes you will totally regret your life choices, but will still look super classy while doing it. 

6. There will be times when you feel as crazy protective as Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.

7. And also times when you're the coolest mom in the world. 

8. Cool to the point that all your children's friends will be lowkey obsessed with you. 

9. At some point you might even pop out another baby or two just because you love this life so much. 

10. Motherhood will slowly consume your life. Even through the weird quirks, you will start to love cartoons and ABC spaghettios more that your children do.


11. You plan on being really upfront with your kids, teaching them what's actually considered good and bad. 

12. You will be powerfully in control of all shenanigans that happen in your house, and when you start counting down from three, your kids are going to know to stop whatever mess they're making or else. 

13. And every once in a while there will be these days...

14. And ESPECIALLY these days...

15. But ultimately, this is what it all comes down to. 


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