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24 Things We Consider To Be Romantic That Really Aren't


Ask any college student, and they’ll tell you the relationship culture during these four years is unlike any other. It’s nothing like high school and won’t be anything like the real world once we graduate. It’s normal for people to be seeing multiple partners at once and trying to figure out where you stand with someone is nearly impossible. It’s a pretty confusing time, and it causes us to appreciate even the smallest amount of attention from those we consider our significant others—like these 24 things we consider romantic that really aren't.

1. When they swipe right

Oh my gosh, do you think I'm pretty?!

2. When they don’t take two hours to text back

Clearly I'm a priority.

3. When they text you first

Guess you were thinking about me, huh?

4. When they’ll actually call you on the phone

Whoa, have we reached this sophisticated level of communication? 

5. When they walk to your door instead of texting “here”

Mind blown.

6. When they remember to wish you luck on important days

The two seconds it took you to send that text clearly demonstrate your commitment. 

7. When they say good morning

Am I the first thing you think of when you wake up?!

8. When they pay for a cheap drink

You shouldn't have!

9. When they take you on a date in public

You know people can actually see us together here, right?

10. When they don’t text other people while you’re together

Sorry, other girls, you'll have to wait.

11. When they let you drink their alcohol

How nice of you to offer your $11 handle of vodka. 

12. When they like your Instagram

Like what you see?

13. When you’re featured on their Instagram

This is an honor.

14. When they’ll kiss you on campus

Extra points if they hold your hand on the way to class.

15. When they let you borrow their clothes

Thanks for making my walk of shame a little less miserable. 

16. When they’ll clean their room for you

You spoil me.

17. When their friends actually know who you are

You must talk about me all the time.

18. When their parents actually know who you are

I'm so in.

19. When they’ll hold your legs during a keg stand

Thanks for supporting my interests.

20. When they’ll come over after a night out

Especially if you stayed in.

21. When they don’t fall asleep on you when you try to meet up

You're so reliable.

22. When they’ll allow you to be their beer pong partner

Of course I'll play with you!

23. When they’ll stop talking to another girl to greet you

Can I steal him for a second?

24. When they ask you anything about your life besides if you’re going out tonight 

Hopelessly devoted to you.

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