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15 Things Only Small Town Girls With Big City Dreams Understand


Girls from small towns know all too well the pitfalls of being raised in such a limiting environment. With very little room to grow and everybody knowing your private business, it's no wonder so many dream of the big city. You believe there's more to life than what's being offered to you currently. Although you appreciated growing up in a tight-knit community, you've outgrown it and are ready to dive head first into big city life. 

1. You long to be in a place where nobody knows you, your family or your entire life story

Gone through a breakup? Fought with your dad? Don't worry, everybody and their mother will know about it. 

2. Your town has very limited sources of news and entertainment

One very small newspaper, zero fancy magazines and a tiny movie theater in your town, if you're lucky. 

3. High school football games are the most exciting event you'll find on a Friday night

Not into sports? You're outta luck in a small town, but not in the big city. 

4. You've experienced such intense boredom that it has made you want to scream 

This has happened maybe once. Or twice. Okay, five times tops. 

5. You're absolutely mystified by the concept of places that don't have a curfew 

You're too used to living in a town that shuts down early at night because there's simply nothing to do. People never seem to sleep in big cities, and you dream of staying out late with loads of options in front of you.

6. You both resent and love the fact that jobs are highly limited in a small town

There's no hometown job available in your foreseeable future. Cities seem to be brimming with life, glamor and opportunity. What's not to love about that?

7. The museums, theaters and shops available to you in a city environment totally trump your town's community playhouse any day of the week

Enough culture and fashion to last you a lifetime? Yes please.

8. You'll never have to worry about being judged for the type of car you drive or dealing with overly aggressive drivers

You'd prefer to walk or take the train than worry about things like car insurance or gas.

9. The idea of walking to work appeals to you more than anything else

Getting fit on your way to and from work means that a gym membership may not be needed.

10. Small town values are killing you slowly

You feel like you're suffocating within the narrow views the majority of your town holds. You can't wait to be surrounded by people from all walks of life with views and opinions different from your own. 

11. The dating pool is much larger in a big city

After all, the larger the pond, the more fish you'll find.

12. You're not particularly outdoorsy, which bodes well for city living

Camping not your thing? Well, you certainly don't need to be one with nature to appreciate tall buildings and never-ending skyscrapers. 

13. City life means no more small town drama

It simply doesn't exist. 

14. You can create your own life or adopt a new identity in a big city

In a small town, you're practically defined by the family you come from and the traditional expectations people hold. 

15. If you were asked to pick up and move to the big city within a day, you'd totally do it

Don't think, just do it.

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