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27 Things College Guys Do That Really Annoy Us


College boys—can't live with them, can't live without them. The truth is that navigating the college dating scene is a journey many of us weren't (and still aren't) prepared to take, because tbh, college guys are not ready for us. We know the campus cuties we see right now cannot only make us fall in love but also make us lose our minds. These bros have some growing up to do, but right now they're annoying us in these 27 ways. 

1. Being absolutely horrible at texting

2. Wanting to have the perks of a relationship but without any type of label

3. Trying to grind up on you at parties without permission 

4. Immediately assuming you're down to hook up

5. And getting mad or upset when you aren't 

6. Only wanting to spend time together late at night

7. Drunkenly catcalling girls on walks home from a night out

8. Leaving up their Tinder profile even when you're in a thing with them

9. Asking for nudes

10. Talking about other hookups or exes in front of you

11. Finally getting your number and promising to text you… but never doing it

12. Already asking to Netflix and chill when you literally just met yesterday

13. Acting like a different person when their friends are around

14. Calling girls sluts when they've slept with more than one person

15. Asking what you're doing and then turning the conversation sexual

16. Not taking obvious hints when you aren't interested

17. Never clarifying the thin line between a "date" and "hanging out"

18. Sending unsolicited dick pics

19. Landing on you after shamelessly hopping from girl to girl at parties 

20. Not wanting to engage in any type foreplay

21. Assuming you're on your period when your upset

22. Treating catching feelings like a disease

23. Showing up out of nowhere when you post a bomb Snap selfie or Instagram pic

24. Not offering to walk you home or let you stay the night

25. Having ranking systems for girls in sports teams, clubs, sororities, etc.

26. Telling lies and getting defensive if they get caught

27. Still, somehow, making us love them at the end of the day

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