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15 Struggles Chronic Overthinkers Can Relate To


In our daily lives, we all crave a sense of control. Sometimes, life gets overwhelming and things happen that we didn't previously anticipate. But unlike more impulsive individuals, it's a lot harder for chronic overthinkers to just roll with the punches. Stemming from anxiety and a perceived lack of control, little disturbances or a simple change in plans can drive the chronic overthinkers absolutely mad. Consistent overthinking can lead to a host of problems, anything from sleep deprivation to panic attacks just to name a few. Although there are different levels to overthinking, chronic overthinkers are at the highest level—and this type of behavior does way more harm than good. Here are just some of the struggles every chronic overthinker is bound to face.

1. Texting can never be simple

It's too easy to make something out of nothing. "They didn't respond immediately. That thought bubble has been on my screen for like, 10 minutes. Yep, something's definitely wrong."

2. It's even harder if the person you're texting is your crush 

This is simply not possible without the guidance of your friend telling you what to write.

3. Figuring out what you wanted to major in was no easy feat

You expect me to have my life figured out? I'm still deliberating over what I want to have for breakfast tomorrow morning.

4. A trip to the ice cream shop is always more stressful than it needs to be

Blackberry, cherry, rocky road. The flavors and combinations are endless. What if you pick wrong? This is panic-inducing.

5. It goes without saying you're incredibly indecisive

It's hard enough coming to any sort of a final decision. So, you tend to take it very personally when any decision you make doesn't turn out well. It's all too easy to blame yourself.

6. When deciding on a place to eat, friends know to never ask you to make the final decision

Unless they're alright waiting an hour for you to stop going back and forth and just make a decision. Let's be honest, that won't happen. 

7. You can easily worry about absolutely nothing

It's one of your main specialties. 

8. You spend so much time trying to think of everything you could possible need before leaving the house that you end up very late

You try so hard to be on time. And then of course you still forget something important.

9. You're basically the next Mary Poppins

You think of every possible situation, so you always end up overstuffing your handbag. It's akin to Mary Poppins' very own, bottomless pit bag...which makes it impossible to find anything when you actually need it.

10. Multiple choice exams are the bane of your existence

Way too easy to second guess yourself. Too. Many. Options. 

11. You're no stranger to late-night anxiety

No phone, no activities, no distractions. Just you, your bed and your thoughts. 

12. With that, comes constant sleep-deprivation

You have this annoying inability to shut your brain up. 

13. You think more than you actually do

You have a tendency to get lost in your own thoughts and as a result, you don't take as much action as you'd like. 

14. You can't make most decisions without a list first

Pro and Con lists are a lifesaver. But that also means you spend way more time deliberating over something that others simply don't worry as much about.  

15. You dream of one day making an impulsive decision

Sadly, you know that won't happen. Unlike your more spontaneous friends, there isn't an impulsive bone in your body.


At the end of the day, you're forever convinced everything has a hidden meaning. Although you're not a quick decision maker or super spontaneous, your friends and family still love you. Plus, who else could they count on to stalk and decode every Facebook post ever posted, or everything their significant other says and does? Well, they may not always be right but you certainly have a lot of theories. 

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