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15 Things Only People Who Feel Much Older Than Their Actual Age Understand


If you relate more closely to the elderly instead of young adults, you're pretty much destined to be a grandma at 22. Old lady vibes are where it's at, so check out the things below if you feel like your physical age has never really matched your wizened spirit. 

1. You unabashedly love watching cooking shows, law dramas and game shows 

2. You'd rather spend time with your pets over anyone else 

3. You find hobbies like knitting and cross-stitching fun 

4. Going out all the time just makes you tired 

5. You have a strict bedtime  

6. You love wine and prefer drinking in the comfort of your home 

7. You unironically judge the youth of today 

8. Scrapbooking is very on brand for you

9. You absolutely love tea 

10. You own a lot of plants 

11. You pretty much only wear knit sweaters

12. You complain about the weather no matter what the temperature is outside 

13. You have trouble keeping up with the latest trends and slang 

14. You get excited about items that are on sale and use coupons whenever possible 

15. You save all of your change

Being a senior citizen stuck inside a twentysomething is the best. 

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