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17 Reasons '90s Kids Had the Best Childhoods, Hands Down


Those who grew up in the '90s are completely aware of how iconic the decade was. Anytime we reminisce on our childhood, we can't help but be grateful that we were able to grow up with things like Lisa Frank and Kid Pix. Revel in the nostalgia and read on to see even more reasons that '90s kids had the best childhood: 

1. Our furniture was inflatable


2. Our candy had surprises 

3. After-school television was the best

4. And so were plenty of other TV shows


5. We got to look forward to this day in P.E.

6. And this day

7. We colored on these amazing giant boards

8. Having these made you the coolest kid in the neighborhood


9. This was better than an iPhone

10. We were easily entertained 

11. We had the best board games

12. We learned to cook at a young age

13. We knew ~fashion~

14. Our hair was always on point

15. There was nothing more exciting than walking into class to this


16. Or walking into the library to this

17. Because the '90s were simply the best

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