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'Pretty Little Liars' Just Revealed SO Much, & Wow, My Brain Hurts


Raise your hand if Pretty Little Liars has ever confused you. Now multiply that confusion by a billion, and that was Tuesday night’s episode. You wanted answers, you got answers. But those answers really hurt my brain.

Sydney is working with A.D.

When Sydney pulled off her hood in front of Aria, she made it seem like she was A.D. But she’s really working with A.D. And she wants Aria to join their “winning team.”

Pastor Ted was Charlotte’s father

Mary and Ted dated when he was in college, and surprise: they had a kid together. That kid grew up to be Charlotte, though Ted only found out, um, now.

Lucas was Charles’ only friend as a child

Ted knew Charles from a camp for troubled boys, and it turns out, Lucas (Yes, THAT Lucas!) was Charles’ only friend. So Lucas has just never mentioned this? Okay, sure.

Alison was impregnated with Emily’s stolen eggs

This is a twist we all saw coming, but that didn’t make it any less shocking. A.D. stole Emily’s eggs and impregnated Ali with them when she was in Welby. I honestly don’t know how to feel.

Mary killed Jessica

This information came from Spencer’s dad, possibly the biggest liar in Pretty Little Liars history. But I guess we’re just supposed to trust him.

According to Peter, Mary wanted revenge against Jessica after she lied to her about Charles being alive. So she killed Jessica using Peter’s sleeping pills and buried her in the Hastings’ backyard in an attempt to frame Spence’s father, who refused to help Mary murder her sister. Get back to me when you’ve wrapped your head around that one.

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