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25 Signs You're the One in Your Friend Group Who Has Zero Chill


Having zero chill means that you’re that friend who is never acting rationally. You’re the really intense person in your friend group who everyone loves, but your friends are weary of your multifaceted personality, sudden outbursts and really serious take on life. Excitement and anger pretty much look like the same thing. Sound like you? Here are the 25 signs you’re the one friend who has zero chill.

1. If you’re talking, then you’re yelling 100% of the time.

2. In fact, all your friends would agree that you’re usually speaking too loudly in all life contexts.

3. Pretty much every simple task becomes really dramatic and intense when you’re around. Taking an Instagram pic becomes the staging of a medieval painting.

4. You make every single life choice based on the guy you like. He’s a fan of vegan, motorcycle riding circus clowns? Same.

5. You also overthink every conversation you have with him to the point of needing to be in a strait jacket.

6. You have a knack for unintentionally trolling everyone on the internet.

7. Your friends have to preface your personality before they introduce you to new people.

8. At one point or another you’ve definitely said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be normal.”

9. If your friends call you out on having zero chill you react accordingly by having zero chill and throwing chair.

10. When you see something that makes you really excited (a.k.a. fluffy animals, food and magic tricks) you shriek and make strange sounds for 20 minutes.

11. You never let things go. 

12. Your friends are often too chill when it comes to making plans or texting back quickly and it aggravates you.

13. Sending two texts in a row? Hah, how about 10.


15. You use Tumblr.

16. If a friend wrongs you, you will tear them apart instantly.

17. There is no such thing as going with the flow. In fact, you create the flow and you need everyone to follow the flow or you’ll explode.

18. New people are equally scared and amused by you.

19. You can’t help but blurt out weird comments like “Wow, does your hair always smell like plumtrees? I never noticed.”

20. Which makes your friends feel the need to explain your weird outbursts to innocent bystanders while you force yourself to shut up.

21. The dumbest things can make you go from neutral to salty in less than a second.

22. When salty, you give zero f*cks about knocking everything over.

23. Your hands are always making sweeping, dramatic gestures to accompany your yelling.

24. Everything always feels like a life or death situation.

25. You lack the basic self-control that most humans possess.

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