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Here's What Marisol Nichols Told Us About Jason Blossom's Killer, Hiram Lodge & Season 2 of 'Riverdale'


Riverdale has had us asking the same question for the majority of Season 1: Who killed Jason Blossom? That and more were answered in the season’s penultimate episode, but I still had questions. So I chatted with Riverdale’s very own Hermione Lodge, Marisol Nichols, to get the dirt on the season finale, Hiram Lodge and what’s in store for Season 2.

Oh, He Killed Jason Blossom

We all know Clifford Blossom killed his son Jason, but why? “He wasn’t on the forefront of everyone’s mind, like, ‘Oh my god. It has to be Clifford.’ It really wasn’t set up, but it was definitely feasible,” Marisol says. “And I think that it was a good choice, where the audience wouldn’t guess right away who was the killer.”

Clifford may have killed himself before the police could get his side of the story, but we won’t have to wait long to find out his motive. According to Marisol, “It should all be wrapped up in the next episode.” Praise! Here I was thinking this part of the mystery would stretch into Season 2.

As for whether Marisol ever thought Hermione was guilty of killing Jason, it definitely crossed her mind. “When I first read [the penultimate] episode. I was like, ‘Wait a minute. Did I do it? Hold on. What?’ So yes, there were times where I was like, ‘But I was in New York.’ I thought everyone might be a suspect honestly, except for like the core four.” I think we all did.

And although the murderer is dead, don’t expect the dead bodies to stop cropping up. At the question of whether death will keep knocking on Riverdale’s door, Marisol says, “I would say that you’re right, you’re close.” Might lives be hanging in the balance at the close of Thursday’s finale? I’m thinking yes!

Finale Scoop

Speaking of the finale, which will set up the second season’s main mystery, boy did Marisol give us scoop. For instance, what will Hermione be up to? Well, in addition to having her relationship with Veronica tested yet again, Mama Lodge will be anticipating her husband Hiram’s return, following his release from jail. “We’re going to see Hermione in full prep mode of what [Hiram’s release] means for her family, living there, and what that means bringing her husband home. It’s a different operating basis,” she explains. “The Hermione that’s alone without Hiram is a completely different person than who she is when he’s around her or coming home. It’s business mode—that’s it.”

It wouldn’t be a finale without a good cliffhanger, right? But who should we be worried about? “It’s probably someone that you wouldn’t suspect would be caught up in a cliffhanger,” Marisol teases. And of course, now I’m dying to know.

What to Expect in Season 2

Because it’s never too soon to start talking about what’s happening in the next season of your favorite show, I also quizzed Marisol about what Season 2 will hold. What she knows is that Riverdale will become an even darker place to call home and Hiram is going to cause a lotttt of drama.

You just thought Hiram could stir up some trouble off screen. Just wait until Mark Consuelos joins the cast as the rule-bending businessman. Not only will he likely lay down the law when it comes to Hermione’s short-lived courtship with Fred Andrews, but Marisol predicts he’ll also take ownership over all of Riverdale.

“I’m hoping that we’re going to see his full power and what he’s capable of. But it’s Hiram, so he’s also a very, very smart businessman. Not that smart, you know, he ended up in prison, but he’s also out, really fast,” Marisol says. “So I think we’re going to see that strength and that power come into Riverdale and how that’s going to affect Hermione and Veronica.” From her lips to the writers’ ears hopefully!

Marisol is used to slaying IRL—she recently received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from Barack Obama for her work to end human trafficking (Um, wow!)—so she would like to see Hermione take a little power for herself, too. “I’d like to see her get in trouble. But I’d also like to see her rule the place. Like, I want to see her strength and her power and her survival instincts.” Agreed!

If you weren’t already on the edge of your seat, you should be now.

Don’t miss the Riverdale finale Thursday at 9/8c on The CW!

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