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25 Times You Hated the Quarter System


When you choose between colleges, people tell you to take note of whether your school is on the semester system or quarter system, but they don't warn you what that entails. For quarter system students like me, you measure your stress level based on the week in school. We have 10 weeks followed by a finals week, and it sure is one fast ride. Here are 25 times you definitely detested the quarter system.

1. When it's August and your semester friends are off to school, so you're all like:

YAY for a month of break. Doesn't seem so bad, right?

2. But then you realize you have a month. Alone.

Bye friends. 

3. And you have no idea how to spend your last weeks of summer without your semester friends.

Don't leave meeee.

 4. And you keep imagining how much fun they're having at college.

*in my mind this is college*

5. You're super bored just waiting to leave.

6. FINALLY you get to campus.

7. And you go from this during move in:

8. To this during syllabus week:

Lol, more like syllabus DAY on the quarter system.

9. Then week one hits you.

Literally me ^

10. It's pretty much a downward spiral for nine more weeks.

11. All of a sudden it's the second day of class and you're 130 pages behind in reading.

12. When it's only week three and you have your first midterms.

I'm sorry, my brain takes two weeks to adjust. 

13. And the midterms just keep coming in weeks four, five, six and seven.

 Sometimes they continue all the way until week 10 if you're lucky. NOT.

14. Meanwhile you're supposed to be joining clubs, planning vacations, applying to internships and maintaining a social life.

Sleep is out of the question.

15. And after a measly two months of learning, you have finals. 

16. Then you only get two weeks of winter break instead of four.

What do you mean you get ALL of January off?!

17. And then you gotta get through TWO MORE quarters.

We have three midterm seasons and three finals weeks a year, since we have three quarters. 

18. And you're like trying to get smart and stuff.

19. But the pace is so fast that you can't remember anything from fall.

What are you talking about?

20. When your semester friends finish their finals, you still have midterms.

Please let it stop.

21. Everyone gets out on summer break and you're just like:

OK, stop with all the Snaps plz.

22. But you finish the year strong!


23. Repeat it four times and suddenly you're graduating. 

It really is that fast.

24. And you're just like, "WHERE DID THE TIME GO?"

25. Because the quarter system feels like this:

All day e'rryday.

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