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13 Cute Tote Bags That Are Perfect for Summer


Your go-to accessory for the summer? One of these tote bags! They're perfect for toting around everything you need for the perfect day—even if that's your textbooks for summer school instead of a bikini and beach towel!

1. Breezy Tote ($138 at Lilly Pulitzer)

This bag’s pops of gold make it versatile enough to take you from a beach day with the girls to a dressy date.

2. Dana Buchman Lucille Tote ($62.30 at Kohls)

The unique bamboo, circular handle makes this bag look like it came right off the runway (trust me—no one will believe you got it for such a good price!).

3. I Woke Up This Pale Sequin Tote ($75 at Fallon & Royce)

Just in case you needed to justify hitting the beach so often…

4. Jenna Tote ($76.80 at Fossil)

The fun pink tassels ensure that no one confuses this adorable tote bag with the one your mom has had… since she was your age.

5. Canvas Tote - I Did My Best ($25 at ban.do)

BRB, going to present my finals grades to my parents wrapped in this tote.

6. Marc Tetro NYC Westie Tote ($54 at Macy’s)

Perfect even if you don’t have a real furry friend to tote around with you this summer.

7. Raj Large Embroidered Tote ($78 at Forever 21)

Step up your tote game with this season’s cutest trend, embroidery, with this luxe find from Forever 21.

8. Kate Spade New York Harding Street Peacock Small Riley Tote ($158 at Macy’s)

Fun fact: male peacocks' colorful feathers help them attract a mate. Who knows? Maybe this bag will help garner the attention of the guy you’ve been eyeing who seems like the perfect summer fling. 

9. RI Black camo trim gym tote bag ($70 at River Island)

Perfect for the girl who isn’t going to sway from her all-black uniform just because its summer.

10. STATE Bags Graham Tote Bag ($80 at Urban Outfitters)

Just in case you want to show off your adorable bikini on your way to the beach (because, unfortunately, you can’t wear it everywhere).

11. Soeur Du Maroc Out Of Office Straw Tote ($155 at Bloomingdale’s)

Do you think your boss would be alright with you letting them know when your days off are via tote bag?

12. Drinks Well With Others Crystal Tote ($78 at Fallon & Royce)

Your parents would be so proud!

13. Illest Tumblr Inspired Tote ($20.84 at RedBubble)

Just so everybody knows.

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